Platão: nomear é uma ação

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Naming is an action. Every action requires the right instruments for being carry out. The speech follows strictly the nature of making speech, because everything has its natural form of being. Speaking requires instruments, because speaking is an action. The instruments of the speech are the names, produced by those who really know how, by natural resources. The names change, because people can always add or remove letters of its form. This way, the god's names have different forms in different places. But, all names are conventions among the speakers, in each group the names vary according to what were agreed in that group. So, the names vary from people to people, but they are always right names, because they follow the natural tradition of naming in that group.



Nomeação, Nomination, Convenção, Linguagem, Natureza, Convention, Language, Nature


 MILANI, Sebastião Elias. Platão: nomear é uma ação. Signo, Santa Cruz do Sul, v. 36, n. 61, p. 31-40, jul./dez. 2011.