O Jornal da Química como etapa inicial de abordagem problematizadora: proposta para ensino e formação de professores

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This paper presents and discusses a project called “Newspaper of Chemistry”, whose objective was to produce an information vehicle in a language more accessible to high school students and also discuss the contributions of this project to the training of chemistry teachers. The newspaper brings themes with interdisciplinary and contextualized approach, at the same time that it brings concepts of chemistry and related areas, stimulating the student to investigate the facts and seek knowledge. The purpose of the newspaper is to initiate a problematizing approach that will be continued in another work through dialog with the students. In this project, we focus on motivating the student, taking him to the appropriation of facts and concepts and instigating the development of the critical sense. The project was planned and executed by chemistry undergraduate students during the second stage of regency, and the newspaper was distributed in the scientific event of a public school in the municipality of Iporá, Goiás. After, a questionnaire was applied to the students to identify the impact of the newspaper and if the intended objectives were achieved. The idea of the newspaper also focuses on the formation of the undergraduate chemistry student based on the reflection of its pedagogical practices, within a problematizing and constructivist approach.



Jornal da Química, Abordagem problematizadora, Formação de professores, Newspaper of Chemistry, Problematizing approach, Teachers training


PINHEIRO, Ricardo S. G.; SOARES, Márlon H. F. B. O Jornal da Química como etapa inicial de abordagem problematizadora: proposta para ensino e formação de professores. Química Nova na Escola, São Paulo, v. 41, n. 2, p. 139-147, maio 2019. DOI: 10.21577/0104-8899.20160134. Disponível em: http://qnesc.sbq.org.br/edicao.php?idEdicao=78. Acesso em: 22 mar. 2024.