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    O uso dos smartphones no cotidiano dos jovens e os principais aplicativos utilizados para auxiliar nos estudos: um estudo de caso
    (2017) Jesus, Chelry Fernanda Alves de; Ferreira, Alexandre Martins Bueno; Alves, Mirelle Ferreira; Silva, Edney Marques da; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    It is notorious nowadays the use of smartphones by young people, in this way we sought to investigate what the main activities that young people use in their devices, in the search of unveiling if young people use their cell phones only to access social networks or if there is another Such as the use of educational applications available on the network. From this perspective, questionnaires were applied to students of the integrated technical courses of a Campus of the Federal Institute in Goiás and, from this, a cut of the main softwares mentioned was made. An analysis of these tools was carried out, considering the pedagogical perspectives and the technical configurations made available to the users. Among the main applications used by young people for educational purposes cited was Google, Duoling, Youtube, Geekie Games and calculator. The use of these applications is not done in the majority with the pedagogical orientation, being something to be worked on in the perspective of better targeting of the use of these tools in the educational scope and the analysis regarding the pedagogical proposal that they can offer.
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    O processo de criação de um software educacional para o ensino e aprendizagem de química
    (2017-12-31) Barreto, Gislane Silvério Neto; Xavier, Janaína Lopes; Santos, José Divino; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    This article presents the process of developing an educational software for the chemical content of equation balancing. The software was developed considering the characteristics of a digital game in the sense of associating conceptual approach, technologies and the ludic context. All the stages of creation and the final product are presented, evidencing the main difficulties encountered in that process. Also discussed are the characteristics of the digital game and the main aspects that permeate the teaching process when looking for new ways of approach in the classroom. The game "BalanceQuímico" was applied to graduates of the degree in Chemistry of the State University of Goiás characterizing some didactic perspectives that result from the interplay between the ludic, technological and conceptual elements.
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    Prática como componente curricular como elemento formativo: compreensões nos projetos pedagógicos de licenciatura em química em Goiás
    (2017-02) Almeida, Sara de; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    Practice as Curricular Component (CPC) was established initially in Resolution (CNE / CP 2/2002) and remains in the recent Resolution (CNE / CP 2/2015) that defines the National Curriculum Guidelines for initial training at higher level and the continuing education of teachers. Despite having legally been established to fourteen years, 400 hours of PCC in teacher training courses, today many questions arise about the subject, because despite the existence of the legal directions is plural understanding of what will be the PCC by of the IES. This study aimed to Pedagogical Course Project (PPP) of the Goiás state higher education institutions to understand that these texts present than is the Practice as Curricular Component. This is a qualitative research that uses as a method to Text Analysis Discourse (ATD). The corpus of the research consisted of eighteen educational projects of Chemistry Degree courses offered in the state of Goiás. The analytical process according to ATD, is through the unitarization corpus of texts, categorization and capture the emerging new. The analysis allowed us to establish the category of analysis “of the term Polysemy: the practice of concepts such as Curriculum component of the pedagogical projects of undergraduate courses in Goiás State Chemistry”. As analytical framework for the public policies we used the approach of Stephen Ball Policy Cycle. From the analysis, it was found that half of the pedagogical projects analyzed, are used to different terms to refer to CPC, which terms are not always suitable to what is believed to be this curriculum component. This research, taking into account the current context of undergraduate and advances in this scenario, you want along with other research developed since the 80s, glimpse the path that enables reflections on the CCP to contribute to discussions and debates on the topic under teacher training.
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    Os experimentos de William Harvey sobre o movimento circular do sangue: uma releitura histórica sob as lentes da epistemologia de Bachelard
    (2022) Avelar, Lucas Martins de; Borges, Fábio de Sá; Duarte, Mel de Oliveira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    This theoretical and bibliographic study aimed to analyze William Harvey’s experiments with the circular movement of blood in the human body based on Bachelard’s Epistemology. We resorted to sources that discuss the historical episode and others that approach the Bachelardian perspective. The analysis indicated that Harvey’s investigations and experiments broke with current understandings of blood circulation and corrected errors made by earlier studies, such as those of Aristotle and Galen. However, traces of continuity were noticed in his production, materialized by the presence of some epistemological obstacles: verbal, realistic, animistic, and unitary and pragmatic knowledge. With Harvey’s studies, the groups of doctors and anatomists dedicated to the subject grew, establishing the scientific city, and strengthening phenotechnics. The importance of re-reading historical episodes in the light of different epistemologies in Science Teaching is highlighted, as well as its potential to erupt naïve and objectivist visions of scientific knowledge production.
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    A constituição do campo científico da química no Brasil e suas derivações para a formação de professores de química
    (2022-12) Silva, Francisca das Chagas Alves da; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The objective of the article is to discuss the power relations and disputes over capital, the power in the field, the hierarchy of areas of knowledge in the Scientific Field of Chemistry (CCQ) and in the constitution of the chemical habitus, glimpsing the role of teaching in this space based on the field theory of Pierre Bourdieu. The contributions of the author are used as a methodological framework based on the praxeological method. The reasons that can explain the structure of the CCQ in Brazil are rooted in the historical tradition in the experimental character confirmed by the structuring of the field, its practices, beliefs and in the division into Technological and Chemistry Teacher Training subfields, which reveals the power relations in this space. The CCQ maintains and reproduces the valorization of research that focuses on the training of teachers in bachelors degree, considered excellent researchers who influence the teaching and training of chemistry teachers. Contemporary studies in the subfield of Chemistry Teacher Training focus on revealing the marks and tensions of the chemical habitus that compromises the identity of the teacher.
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    A evolução histórica da interação entre o leitor e o livro didático de ciências no Brasil
    (2022) Sobrinho Júnior, João Ferreira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The article aims to analyze the evolution of the interaction between the reader and the textbook, based on reflections arising from the relationships between the historical context and science teaching and has pursued two investigative axes. Concerning the first investigative axis, we have identified three temporal perspectives of interaction between the reader and the textbook: predominance of images and text, inclusion of stimulus of the student's scientific experience through the scientific method, and, since the advent of the Internet, we have noticed the instigation of activity outside the textbook. As for the second axis, we have confirmed that the relationships arising from each temporal conjuncture were included in the texts of the analyzed textbooks and manuals in terms of perspectives of interaction between the reader and the didactic material. Finally, we note that the interactions between reader and textbook are linked to the historical, social, and political contexts of each time.
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    A constituição do subcampo da formação de professores de química e as estratégias de subversão para o seu reconhecimento no campo científico da química
    (2022) Silva, Francisca das Chagas Alves da; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    Considerando la lectura analítica a partir de la teoría de los campos formulada por Pierre Bourdieu, centrada en el área de la Enseñanza de la Química y la estructuración del subcampo de la formación de profesores de química (FPQ), en el presente texto abordamos el campo como espacio social desde el punto de vista del campo científico de la química (CCQ), el habitus de los agentes, las posiciones, las disputas, los intereses y las estrategias de subversión establecidas por el subcampo de la FPQ para buscar su espacio en la química. Argumentamos sobre estas diferentes configuraciones desde el punto de vista del subcampo de la FPQ, dominado en el campo de la química, analizando la producción científica en el área de la Enseñanza de la Química y los datos de las plataformas Acácia y Sucupira. En este proceso utilizamos la metodología praxeológica de Bourdieu y su análisis relacional para debatir las estrategias desarrolladas por los agentes del subcampo de la FPQ en el CCQ para configurar su propio capital y establecer un movimiento de reconocimiento del habitus distinto al del propio químico. Entre dichas estrategias destacan la organización de eventos científicos, la producción de revistas en el área de la Enseñanza de la Química, la formación de maestros y doctores en programas de posgrado en los que los agentes buscan la constitución de un capital científico y el espacio para el reconocimiento del subcampo como perteneciente al campo de la química.
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    Perspectivas quanto a presença das tecnologias digitais nos livros didáticos de ciências do Plano Nacional do Livro Didático - PNLD 2020
    (2022) Sobrinho Júnior, João Ferreira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The objective of this research is to observe the perspectives in which the elements brought from the context of digital technologies are inserted in science textbooks approved in PNLD 2020. The methodological path is based on a qualitative approach in the documental and bibliographic research. As a result, we identified that the perspectives that seek the development of learning through external searches are predominant, approaching 90%. On the other hand, the perspectives related to the development of knowledge through reading and visualization are close to 10%. However, we ponder that not instigating the practice or a stimulus to non-formal use through the book, in no way diminishes its relevance. For, its handling and reading is a key point for student learning as well as for the maintenance of the textbook as a State policy.
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    A dupla hélice do DNA: história revisitada à luz da epistemologia kuhniana
    (2017-12) Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva; Oliveira Neto, José Firmino de; Oliveira, Aline Prado de; Moraes, Christianne de Lima Borges
    The study of facts and scientific happenings is important ina sense of enabling the comprehension of the development of sciencein different contexts, such as in teaching environments, in distinctlevels, and in research. However, the interpretation of this historicconstruction must take in consideration notions of science thatovercome linear and neutral perspectives on the construction of thescientific production process. Under that perspective, this articleproposes a re-reading of the elaboration movement of DNA’s doublehelix model from Thomas Kuhn’s epistemological input. It is foundthat this is an important context which pervades scientific up bringingand formation in the field of biological science, as well as in primary asin higher education, and that the concepts developed from theelaboration of the double helix model are pivotal for the comprehensionof knowledge related to genetics, cytology, evolution and other topics.In the process of revisiting this historic moment, we have identifiedthe theoretical clashes among researchers from various fields, thecompetition and the consensus as elements which mobilize the searchfor answers in the accomplishment of a new paradigm. In this manner,science’s dynamism proves to be present, rejecting the idea of a plaingiven fact and valuing the process in which knowledge is built. Wepropose that this is a reflection exercise, considering that revisiting the history of science from different epistemological perspectives can fostersubjects new outlooks on a becoming which uncurtains concepts builtin a dynamic way by men and women who, between comings andgoings, give meaning to the phenomena that surround us.
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    Inovação pedagógica: concepções que orbitam este conceito
    (2022-08) Sobrinho Júnior, João Ferreira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The purpose of this article is to present concepts related to pedagogical innovation. The methodological approach was based on the use of bibliographic and documentary research, with a qualitative approach. And as a result of the research, we identified that pedagogical innovation should not be seen only in a positivist sense, or as a synonym of change, or educational reform in its broad sense, or even less, just as an alteration of customary practices in a social group, and yes, pedagogical innovation is established by creating, adapting or re-adapting techniques or technologies – digital or not – in order to add value to the teaching and learning process.
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    A utilização do jogo SeparaMix e o desenvolvimento da autonomia argumentativa
    (2019) Morais, Jennyfer Ribeiro de; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The use of games in chemistry teaching has been a methodology used in recent years to provide joy and fun associated with learning. One of the most evident features of the game as an element of culture and pedagogical strategy is freedom it provides. The freedom provided by playing in a pedagogical situation minimize the classroom tensions and, from this perspective, enables students to be more themselves expressive in situations of school content discussion. Therefore, the present paper, which is a cut of a master’sresearch, aims to analyze the aspect of freedom provided by the game Separa-Mix at the school environment. Set as an action research, this investigation provided the emergence and discussion the category of analysis called Argumentative Autonomy that is based on freedom regarding the action of playing during the class.
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    Formação de professores de química: relações entre o campo educacional, tecnológico e econômico
    (2021-11-30) Silva, Kenia Cristina Moura de Oliveira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The present article is a part of doctorate degree. It was proposed the delimitation and characterization of subfieldin Formation of Chemistry Teachers in Brazil and the analysis the main knowledge in the formation of the scientific capital in undergraduate degree in Chemistry from the bourdieusian perspective. The methodological basis used was the Bourdieu ́s reflexive sociology. The analysis began from five undergraduate degree in Chemistry in Federal Universities in Brazil. The survey data was formed from the analysis of curricular matrices of these coursesand the lattes curricula of this teachers. Notes that although the Chemistry teaching is a new area, it has been consolidating significantly, but the specifical Chemistry knowledge is more prevalent in the formation of scientific capital in the subcamp of in Formation of Chemistry Teachers.
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    A profissionalização da carreira docente em química e o conhecimento profissional do professor: um viés histórico
    (2021-04) Pena, Graziele Borges de Oliveira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    This essay is the result of a critical analysis carried out through a bibliographic review, divided into two dimensions in the social historical context: the professionalization process in the teaching career, with special focus on Chemistry, and the nature of professional teaching knowledge. This article aims to understand how the professionalization of the Chemistry teaching career happened and what is the nature of the professional teaching knowledge. The legitimacy of teaching as a profession is closely linked to the recognition of a specific professional knowledge structure. However, the lack of understanding about the professional teaching knowledge conception and nature hampers the social recognition of it and the professionalization process of the teaching career too, especially due to the way that some public policies for teacher training are implemented.
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    Personificação como elemento lúdico na criação de podcast para discutir as PANC no ensino superior
    (2022-12) Oliveira, Yasmine Fernandes; Severino, Vanessa Gisele Pasqualotto; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    This research related the PANC theme to the training process of higher education professionals as a contextualization proposal for establishing relationships with future professional activity, also aiming, in addition to teaching and learning, to understand the impact of these species on the ODS. It is a qualitative research of the case study type and 13 students of a course from Núcleo Livre participated in the research who, when creating podcasts for one of the stages of the course evaluation process, built characters to format their arguments related to the theme. This process of creating characters is related to personification, which is an inherent element of play in the context of classroom situations. The students created characters that symbolized chefs, participants of the Landless Movement and PANC cultivators. As they took on the roles of characters, the activity acquired a fun and informative aspect, giving creative freedom to the arguments and discussions that took place.
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    Formas de socialização do conhecimento por cientistas: as redes sociais em perspectiva
    (2022) Gomes, Diego Diniz Ferreira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The general objective of this research was to analyze the scientific dissemination movements engendered by scientific bloggers from blog posts focused on the context of Chemistry Teaching, seeking to understand how these publications can be configured as scientific dissemination in virtual spaces. Netnography was used as a methodological path for this investigation, which focuses on the study of behavior in digital environments. Four pages of blogs in the area of Chemistry Teaching were selected and it was evidenced that the pages of the blogs fulfill the function of approaching contents characteristic of the practices of scientific dissemination. We conclude that making scientific dissemination on social networks can contribute to the circulation of scientific knowledge, however, it is necessary to broaden the discussions on this theme to understand in a more profound way the real reach of these pages and profiles with the public curious about science.
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    O tema radioatividade nas revistas da SBQ e as possíveis contribuições para o ensino de radioatividade na educação básica
    (2022-11) Nunes, Luclecia Dias; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The use of articles published in journals linked to the Brazilian Society of Chemistry, sucha as Química Nova, Química Nova na Escola and Revista Virtual de Química, is presented as a didactic possibility to assist teachers in discussions held in the classroom on the topic of radioactivity. We searched for articles published since the creation of these journals until the Years 2021 and we identified in these publications approaches that can contribute to chemistry classes from aspects such as: history of the discovery of radiation, radioactivity and some radioactive elements; nuclear fission; radioactivity applications; radioactivity and its interactions with living organisms and the environment; nuclear accidents; female contributions. We also highlight the scarcity of the theme in journals that emphasize research in Chemistry Teaching and the importance of more research being published in this perspective, given the relevance of the theme both in the social and school context.
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    Análise da interação entre o leitor e o livro didático: um estudo nos livros de ciências dos anos iniciais
    (2021-05-04) Sobrinho Júnior, João Ferreira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The objective of this study was to identify the perspectives of interaction between reader and textbooks through Digital Information and Communication Technologies (DICTs). To this end, we analyzed elementary science textbooks approved in Brazil under the National Textbook Plan of 2019 documentary Consisting of documental and bibliographic analysis of the 14 approved collections distributed in 70 textbooks, this documentary research prepared for the creation of six categories of analysis that reflect the ways of using DICT in the materials studied, considering the frequency of references to technologies in the texts. Six categories have been identified, ranging from the availability of links to theory and practice external to the textbook, to dissemination of images related to DICT. In the unveiling of these categories, we propose that there are two types of perspectives of interaction between the reader and the Science textbooks analyzed. The first form of interaction is through images and texts that point to the book itself. The second form of interaction refers to directing students to seek information outside the textbook, in order to complement the scientific formation.
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    Práxis e identidade docente: entrelaces no contexto da formação pela pesquisa na licenciatura em química
    (2018-02) Silva, Kenia Cristina Moura de Oliveira; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    Praxis as a formative bias constitutes a reality transforming perspective. Internships become a space conducive to the formation of the first traits of teacher identity in this context. They take on fundamental importance in allowing practice to overcome the mere imitation of models. From this formative perspective, eighteen pedagogical projects from chemistry degree courses in Goias (PPC) were analyzed, focusing on the construction of the teaching identity through the perspective of research. From the Discursive Textual Analysis it was clear that the majority of the PPCs do not propose research as a formative axis and in spite of some attempts to approach research from the perspective of experience and of its relevance for the formation of professional identity, this approach was not successful in several cases. In addition, some of the literature on the issue is still based on an overly technical view of knowledge, and offers little guidance for guidelines on teacher training, resulting in a baccalaureate vision of teacher education.
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    Relações sociedade-natureza em perspectiva: educação ambiental nas licenciaturas em química dos institutos federais no Brasil
    (2021) Magela, Wesley Falcão; Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    Environmental Education arises in the context of understanding the urgency of the environmental crisis and the need to seek answers for its mitigation. The different perspectives of AE compete for the affirmation of notions of the world, of society, of social well-being, of work and of life. The research investigated the conceptions of Environmental Education (EA) present in the scope of the Federal Institutes, having as corpus the Pedagogical Course Project (PPC) of teacher training courses in chemistry offered in these institutions in 23 states and in the Federal District. The documents were analyzed, in their entire body, with the aid of Textual Discursive Analysis (ATD). The results demonstrate the predominance of a conservative environmental education, of an apolitical and biologizing character, in the analyzed documents, what can be reflected in the profile of the chemical educator to be formed in these institutions.
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    Perspectivas formativas de cursos de licenciatura em química: o desvelar dos projetos pedagógicos a partir da Análise Textual Discursiva
    (2020-12) Mesquita, Nyuara Araújo da Silva
    The Discursive Textual Analysis (DTA) started to be used as an analytical methodology to investigate Pedagogical Projects of Teaching Degrees in Chemistry in a doctoral dissertation published in 2010. The author of this dissertation started to advise post-graduate students and, as a result, four master's theses that used the DTA in the analysis of Pedagogical Projects of Teaching Degrees in Chemistry were developed between 2016 and 2020. This paper explains the journeys taken in this movement of scientific knowledge construction and highlights the way of coding units of analysis by means of color marking in texts, validation of the scientific community as the result of the studies and the importance of the DTA in the process of developing researchers who become authors in the construction process of arguments that do not separate subjects from objects in the investigation.