Envolvimento vital: um desafio da velhice


The present essay intends to examine the human aging through Erik Erikson’s psychosocial development theory. It is postulated that the consolidation of identity includes the individual and the culture as well. Coping with old age losses and facing death with serenity demand life revision and acceptance of past mistakes. In this way, previous conflicts may reappear, overcome or not, and the despair with finitude may emerge. However, if the aged person achieves wisdom and life involvement, ego integrity will be consolidated and despair will vanish. In this sense, the psychosocial environment is essential. The article brings a new comprehension on Erik Erikson’s essays about old age and enhance some of his main concepts. Moreover, the authors present counterpoints to theories on aging, as well as proposals for actions towards the elderly



Vital involvement, Wisdom, Aging, Erik Erikson, Envolvimento vital, Envelhecimento, Erik Erikson, Sabedoria


LIMA, Priscilla Melo Ribeiro de; COELHO, Vera Lúcia Decnop; GÜNTHER, Isolda Araújo. Envolvimento vital: um desafio da velhice. Geriatria & Gerontologia, Rio de Janeiro, v. 5, n. 4, p. 261-268, 2011.