Geografia da diferença: diferenciações socioespaciais e raciais

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The complexity of the modern world, made from their differences, requires a science observation and understanding from the totality of the phenomena studied, once understood that social differences are recognized and associated with race. The aim of this paper is to associate the readings on the difference and socio-spatial differentiation, combined with the racial dimension to urban studies in Brazil. For thism, the route of it, some readings were revisited, that are references to research on Brazilian cities to then point the same phenomena combined and identified with the racial dimension which was once veiled in geographical science. Finally, it is purpose of this paper to highlight the socio and racial discussion to effectively for the better understanding of the differences and social classes that were commonly understood only by class readings, without observing the characteristics of the subjects involved in this process as the racial debate.



Geografia, Diferenciações, Raça, Geography, Differentiations, Race


FERREIRA, Danilo Cardoso; RATTS, Alex. Geografia da diferença: diferenciações socioespaciais e raciais. GeoAmazônia, Belém, v. 04, n. 07, p. 97-105, 2016. DOI: 10.18542/geo.v4i07.12479. Disponível em: Acesso em: 7 jun. 2024.