Ações e pensamentos de imagens da classe trabalhadora: dos [fechamentos] às aberturas

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Our work seeks to enter into the thoughts and actions of the working class photographs produced by August Sander (1876-1964) in his relations with contemporary photographs (1955-year). The images of workers’ bodies are presented as a symbolic space for triggering differences as they present symptoms and cultural traces (DIDI-HUBERMAN, 2012). Therefore, we seek to access a memory of the photographs, taken as carriers of thought (SAMAIN, 2012), to think about visualities of the plurality of bodies of workers in the society of our time, using the theoretical-methodological proposal of crossing images proposed by Didi-Huberman (2012). Our initial clues indicate that in the processes of construction of photographs of workers there are passages that demonstrate a centralization in the heterosexual and male performance of what is the body of “a worker”; and that the gay body and other plural bodies, when they access the right to look (MIRZOEFF, 2016) and to be seen, tension this dominant performance and promote openings.



Fotografia, Visualidades, Corpos plurais, Cultura, Diferença, Photography, Visualities, Plural bodies, Culture, Difference


VIDICA, Ana Rita; DIAS, Luciene de Oliveira; CRUZ, João Lúcio Mariano. Ações e pensamentos de imagens da classe trabalhadora: dos [fechamentos] às aberturas. Policromias: revista de estudos do discurso, imagem e som, Rio de Janeiro, v. 5, n. 2, p. 94-117, maio/ago. 2020.