Relatório final do mapeamento geológico 1:50.000 da região de Anicuns (GO) - área 1

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The detailing of the geology of the Anicuns region was made from a bibliographic survey combined with the processing and interpretation of photointerpretative, geophysical, geochemical, geoenvironmental and lithological and structural data collected in the field. The mapping made it possible to identify the lithotypes and group them into 10 lithostratigraphic units related to the Anicuns-Itaberaí Metavulcanosedimentary Sequence, Sanclerlândia Metagranite, Anápolis-Itauçu Granulitic Complex, Lage Granite, Córrego Santa Rosa Diorite, Taquaral-Trindade Suite and Cretaceous Dikes. Through the structural analysis, 3 deformational phases were identified, where D1 resulted in the main E-W shortening, pronounced in a set of regional folds with NNW axes, D2 generated N-S shortening that curved the regional folds in an orthogonal way. D3 represents the last stage (ductile-brittle) of EW compression, with the formation of shear zones and thrust faults. In general, the units are metamorphosed between the amphibolite facies to high green schist, associated with the Anicuns-Itaberaí Metavulcanosedimentary Sequence and locally there are rocks in granulite facies, associated with the Anápolis-Itauçu Granulitic Complex. The Córrego Seco body was defined in the geological mapping of the final 2020 work, consisting of rocks that allowed for the characterization of a volcanic system called Anicuns. This work also highlights the economic aspects of the area, including mineral occurrences with potential for metallurgy (manganese, iron), agriculture (calcitic marble) and civil construction (wollastonite, gravel, clay).



Mapeamento, Mapping, Arco magmático de Goiás e sequência metavulcanossedimentar Anicuns-Itaberaí, Goiás magmatic arc and Anicuns-Itaberí metavulcanosedimentary sequence


FEITOSA, Lara Maciel; GUIMARÃES, Marco Túlio; BEZERRA, Silvencler Batista. Relatório final do mapeamento geológico 1:50.000 da região de Anicuns (GO) - área 1. 2021. 226 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) - Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologia, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2021.