Reflexões sobre a análise sistêmica na geografia tendo o tema água como referência

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In the present article we seek tohighlight the current theoretical-methodological support that has led the research within the Physical Geography, related to the physical-natural components of the geographical space, such as the soil, the rocks, the hydrographic network, the relief, of which we highlight wateras an essential resource for life. Geographic science has traditionally developed its studies based on the analysis of concentric circles, without considering the dynamics, the diversity, the contradictions, fragmenting the relationship between society and nature. The new scientific demands put in vogue the gaps that classical science presented, thus begins in Physical Geography research based on systemic analysis, which seeks to analyze the spatial components in their integrity and dynamics. We consider the systemic approach a valid way to approach water, including its unfolding in the teaching and learning process in School Geography, aiming at the social significance of this content. To support this discussion, supported by the qualitative research methodology, we conducted a literature review.



Geografia, Água, Análise sistêmica, Geography, Water, Systemic analysis


OTTO, Camylla Silva; MORAIS, Eliana Marta Barbosa de. Reflexões sobre a análise sistêmica na geografia tendo o tema água como referência. Para Onde!?, Porto Alegre, v. 12, n. 2, p. 271–280, 2019. DOI: 10.22456/1982-0003.97560. Disponível em: Acesso em: 4 jul. 2024.