O processo de territorialização do quilombo do Rosa, Macapá-AP

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This article analyzes the recent process of territorialization of the quilombo do Rosa, thematizing this process from the point of view of the alliances with close social actors that the group promotes to strengthen itself and to effect its territorialization; In this way territorialization and territoriality will be analyzed jointly and critically in the mutual determination they exercise among themselves. The methodology consists of ethnography carried out with the community in the year 2017. In the territoriality of Rosa, we have alliances of a political character, festive-emotive-identity, of a material-economic character. The creation of this network of relationships in different directions and dimensions of social reality, with centrality and protagonism - sometimes shared - in the group itself testify to the broad scope and multifaceted nature of the group's territoriality. The new territoriality created by the group is due to be the support of its new process of territorialization.



Territorialização, Quilombo, Amazônia, Territorilization, Amazon


SILVA, David Junior de Souza; RATTS, Alecsando José Prudencio. O processo de territorialização do quilombo do Rosa, Macapá-AP. Geographia Opportuno Tempore, Londrina, v. 3, n. 2, p. 152–164, 2017. DOI: 10.5433/got.2017.v3.32012. Disponível em: https://www.ojs.uel.br/revistas/uel/index.php/Geographia/article/view/32012. Acesso em: 7 jun. 2024.