Estilos de liderança bibliotecária: estudo realizado na cidade de Goiânia/GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


It analyzes the leadership theme according to the literature studied, which is related to the three leadership styles prescribed by Chiavenato (2010): democratic, autocratic and liberal. Being that characterizes the librarians in different types of libraries (university of private, public, scholastic institutions, specialized and special institutions) located in the city of Goiânia. The sample is classified as intentional, consisting of 14 librarians who agreed to participate in the applied study. The approach to the problem of this research was investigated in the bias of the qualitative classification, studying about the female leadership in the library context, aiming to understand the profile of these professionals as leader in the information units and their experiences portrayed in the functions that they perform. The stage was searched through the Internet to extract the necessary information from the libraries and to collect the data, the online questionnaire (google form) and printed for the librarians who requested it. It was observed that the librarians of the city of Goiânia have improved in relation to academic area, contributing to the professional improvement. In an analysis of the three styles of leadership, it was verified that the democratic one stands out more in the librarians of the city of Goiânia-Go who participated in the research. And it would be important to develop further research on leadership in the area of Librarianship, enabling professional study with this subject, to exercise leadership in the unit that I work. It has also been proven that the number of librarians are relevant to men, it means that numbers of women have excelled in the Librarianship course in the city of Goiânia-Go.



Liderança bibliotecária, Liderança feminina, Estilo de liderança


NASCIMENTO, Erenir Morena do. Estilos de liderança bibliotecária: estudo realizado na cidade de Goiânia/GO. 2016. 80 f. Trabalho de Conclusão de Curso (Graduação) - Faculdade de Informação e Comunicação, Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2016.