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    Sobrecarga informacional no ambiente da comunidade discente da Faculdade de Informação e Comunicação - FIC/UFG
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-01) Arruda, Renan Queiroz; Araújo, Eliany Alvarenga de; Araújo, Eliany Alvarenga de; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira
    The growing amount of information and knowledge produced and stored throughout history has generated the so-called information overload for millennia. This fact has been strongly enhanced by the advent of new information technologies, which instigate and promote the participation and sharing of data, information and knowledge on the web, generating a huge volume of records, rumors and knowledge, contents that are not always reliable, and with potential to negatively affect thousands and thousands of people, potentiated by the pandemic issue, generating a difficult reality of overload requiring more and more informational skills for the search, use and effective management. This research aims to analyze the symptoms caused by information overload in the context of university education of students of on-site courses at the Faculty of Information and Communication at UFG. In methodological terms, we chose to use a random probabilistic sample, in which the randomly selected participants received the questionnaire. The choice of the questionnaire method as a data collection instrument involves the practicality and ease of creating, sharing and receiving data and research information. The analyzed data show the information overload experienced by the respondents and confirm that the most prominent symptoms are of a mental/emotional nature, such as: mental fatigue, stress, anxiety, difficulties in reasoning and understanding other information, irritability and a feeling of high dependence on computers. (information technologies). It is concluded that the development of skills in information literacy is very importance, it is also necessary to continue and especially the dissemination of programs and training promoted by UFG.
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    Infodemia: evolução conceitual e medidas de combate
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-15) Rodrigues, Gabriel de Oliveira; Araújo, Eliany Alvarenga de; Araújo, Eliany Alvarenga de; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira
    Coined in 2002, the term "Infodemic" has gained prominence in the last two years, after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. In this research work, the objective is to analyze the conceptual evolution of this term and verify which combat measures are suggested by the consulted authors. Methodologically, this research had as its field of research the Google Academic platform. In this platform were collected scientific articles and researches that had Infodemy as their main theme. This research can be classified as a systematic literature review. This type of literature review refers to the process of gathering, critically evaluating and synthesizing the results of multiple studies. In the data collection stage, the eight steps for systematic literature review were followed. The selected texts were organized and stored in a cloud for easy access. From this organization the analysis and interpretation of the data was developed. In conceptual terms it can be seen that there are three important moments that were called: origin, development and maturation of the term infodemic. The combat measures can be gathered into planned, academic and educational measures. Thus, it can be concluded that infodemic is much more than just a social phenomenon. It is an informational pathology caused by the users of information, whether they are producers or consumers. Thus, it is up to the user of information to expand their informational skills in order to search and use information critically, as well as to share only relevant information and with all the technical criteria to be characterized as quality information and with certified origin.
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    Sou tricolor de coração: um estudo sobre o comportamento informacional dos usuários de canais independentes do Fluminense football club no Youtube
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-13) Leandro , Weskley Batista; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira; Araújo, Eliany Alvarenga de
    There is a paucity of studies in information science and management focused on the search behavior and use of information about sports and fans. It is common to observe, in social circles where there are soccer fans, when searching for information in traditional communication media, the beginning of a process of systematic exchange of television channels and programs, in search of reports that describe the day to day of their teams. With the expansion of the media and communication vehicles on the internet, such as portals that offer informative content about the teams, it is clear how easy it is for fans to search for news and specific information, since in this case, they can make choices that make it possible to filter stories and reports consistent with your sporting predilections. However, many users still show interest in having more detailed access and focused exclusively on the coverage of their teams, which demands a format aimed at providing information in a differentiated way, with exclusive coverage and analysis. This study focuses on the informational behavior of users registered with three independent channels, focused on the specific coverage of the Fluminense Football Club (Raiz Tricolor, Sentimento Tricolor and Canal 20 Podcast), present on the YouTube platform, in order to understand the factors that motivate them to search and choose these channels and their informative content, thus migrating from the traditional format of sports coverage for this, as well as the use that these users make of the information obtained through of these communication channels.
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    Barreiras no compartilhamento de conhecimento em ambientes corporativos
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-12) Lelis, Diego Vieira; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira; Araújo, Eliany Alvarenga de
    In the work in question, the importance of an informational culture focused on the storage and sharing of information and knowledge is discussed, identifying and knowing the informational assets used by the company in addition to its management, through specialized tools, providing better means for to have access to information necessary to proceed with the routines established by the company. The work addresses the difficulties faced with the sharing of information and knowledge within organizational environments, based on the means available / used for sharing information between departments and employees, whether formal or informal, based on one or more informational gaps faced. by the collaborators. The objective is to identify and understand the nature of informational barriers that are currently part of the coexistence of employees of the support department of company Y, among the points addressed are the survey of difficulties in sharing information between members of the department, understanding of the means used to share information and knowledge and the reasons for choosing such platforms, in addition to identifying alternative ways to search for information and proposing strategies to improve the quality of information and knowledge sharing among employees. The qualitative research was carried out in three stages, namely: bibliographic research where several scholars were used in the areas of GC, GI, barriers and information flows, to support the methodologies applied in the work in question, the methodology was also used of observation, more specifically participant observation to collect information about behaviors within the support department of company Y along with the same ones that compose it, and the focused research methodology, emphasizing the subject studied within this work in an objective way. It was observed that with the research, it was possible to achieve all the proposed objectives, which allowed us to conclude that the support department of company Y lacks methodologies and informational platforms that assist in the access and sharing of information within the support department, providing less stress so that your employees can continue with their daily tasks, giving continuity to their services without interruptions.
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    A imagem do bibliotecário em outra cultura: uma análise das representações do profissional nos animes e mangás
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-18) Lisboa , Pedro Augusto de Moura; Melo, Camila Alves de; Melo, Camila Alves de; Castro , Maria das Graças Monteiro
    The present article aims to understand the representations of librarians in anime and manga. It contextualizes the concepts of culture, social representations, and representations about librarians, as well as the role of librarians in Japan. It uses qualitative methodology, with a basic nature, descriptive character, and documentary procedure. It uses narrative study as a method, identifying the theme, plot, setting, as well as the physical, psychological, and social characteristics of the librarian characters. It discusses the representations observed in the librarian characters of the anime and manga analyzed, conducting brief analyses of the librarian's vision in those works. Positive representations of librarians are identified, in which the image of professionals committed to passing on information to the user is perceptible, even being politically engaged and active.
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    Censura em foco: o cerceamento da literatura na atualidade
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2024-01-18) Santana, Eliane Antunes; Melo, Camila Alves de; Melo, Camila Alves de; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos
    It addresses book censorship in the Brazilian context, seeking to understand the new forms of censorship today. It carried out a check on the state of bibliographic production in the area of Library Science and Information Science on book censorship, noting that, in Brazil, scientific productions are centered on moments of greater repression and authoritarianism, both during the Vargas Era and in the period of the Military Dictatorship. There are few studies that discuss censorship today, which highlights the relevance of the study. The methods used for data collection and analysis were guided by the search for news related to censorship in electronic newspapers among data from 2010 to 2023, selecting one piece of news for each year in the interval. It was identified that the motivations are the most diverse and the nature of the restriction was carried out mainly for moral and political reasons. It highlights that restricting books can have a significant impact on education, limiting access to essential information for critical development and the formation of an informed society. We conclude that the restriction of books provides important lessons and reflections on society, freedom of expression and the challenges faced in preserving access to information.
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    Política de indexação em biblioteca escolar: uma análise das diretrizes utilizadas em unidade da rede de ensino privada de Goiânia, por protocolo verbal
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-14) Souza, Emilly Leticia Vieira de; Oliveira, Lais Pereira de; Oliveira, Lais Pereira de; Silva, Luciana Cândida da
    It addresses the guidelines adopted in school libraries for the elaboration of an indexing policy to the detriment of literature, with a view to the type of information unit and its focus of service. It aims to analyze and point out, based on the literature review in the area, the main aspects to be considered in the process of elaborating a policy for the school library. It is characterized as an exploratory-descriptive, qualitative research in the form of a case study. It demonstrates through the contextualization of the field of study until the completion of the process of building an institutionalized indexing guideline, and emphasizes the decision-making points and their influences on the development of the school environment. Thus, it highlights the importance of having an indexing policy in school libraries, allowing the conclusion that, in addition to having it, it must be well constructed, detailed enough to cover the entire process and based on a contextual analysis of the environment and the indexing elements with their possible attributions.
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    Trading bot aplicado a criptomoedas: identificação e combinação de indicadores estatísticos para melhor assertividade
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2021-11-04) Borges, João Antônio Moreira da Silva; Silva, Marcel Ferrante; Silva, Marcel Ferrante; Ferreira Júnior, Arnaldo Alves; Roriz, Ataualpa Veloso
    This study aims to identify a combination of statistical indicators optimized for use in a programmable trading bot that provides the best possible assertiveness, to help both novice and more experienced users to profit more consistently in the trade. A selection of platforms and indicators was made, which allowed the application of tests which provided data to be analyzed, and thus, after filtering the information, the expected result was achieved. We use data analysis to identify patterns, concepts of digital document management to make classification and organization, statistics, ROI calculation, and some other tools so that we can achieve the expected result of identifying a configuration capable of allowing the investor to perform their actions, without the obligation to be present during the period, and that bring security to them, with an optimized assertiveness index.
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    Censura e preconceitos em leitura: revisão de literatura e estudo de caso das bibliotecas públicas de Goiânia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-17) Alves, Julia Veronez Nery Di; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Gouveia, José Vanderlei
    This research has as its theme censorship and prejudice in reading from a literature review and case study of the public libraries of Goiânia. It was defined as a general objective to analyze the existence of possible evidence of censorship and prejudice in reading throughout history, based on a literature review and the way in which prejudice in reading can manifest itself in public libraries in Goiânia today. And as specific objectives to understand concepts of prejudice in reading and censorship, verify the manifestation of prejudice in reading and censorship throughout history, identify how prejudice in reading or censorship can manifest itself in public libraries in Goiânia and verify possible cases of prejudices in reading and censorship in Marietta Telles Machado Municipal Library, Cora Coralina Municipal Library and Pio Vargas State Library. The adopted methodology is based on exploratory qualitative research, using bibliographical research together with a case study as a technical procedure. From the analysis of these data, it was verified that there is evidence of prejudice in reading and also censorship of books throughout history, however, there was no evidence of prejudice in reading or censorship in public libraries during the period of the research. However, the case study would need to be deeper from a longer observation, as well as interviews with a greater number of users. When researching censorship and prejudice, another problem was raised, as serious as censorship and prejudice, which consists of the absence of materials in library collections caused by a lack of investment from the public authorities.
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    Centro de documentação e memória Equiplex: um estudo de caso sobre o processo de implantação
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-16) Sousa, Kátia de Aguiar; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Santos, Andréa Pereira dos; Moraes, Marizângela Gomes de
    It investigates the implementation process of a documentation and memory center for a pharmaceutical industry, from the project to the organization of the collection. After a conceptual discussion about what these entities are in comparison with other information units, the main elements that characterize the documentation centers in Brazil are presented. Using the conclusions obtained in this debate, and research in the literature on how these units have been studied in our country, questions were elaborated that guided the interviews with the actors involved in the creation of the unit object of study. It is concluded that although there was collaboration from other areas of information, the use of library methods and techniques predominated in the process of organizing the collection of the documentation and memory center.
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    Teia de estereótipos: um estudo sobre a representação do jornalismo nas histórias em quadrinhos do Homem-Aranha
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-12) Borges, Eduardo Alves; Oliveira, Lisbeth; Oliveira, Lisbeth; Ramos, Rubem Borges Teixeira
    This monograph has as thematic axes journalism, professional representations of the area, comic books and stereotypes. More specifically, it is about how the sixty years of Spider-Man comics have worked the image of journalism and journalists, based on the characters Peter Parker, John Jonah Jameson, Betty Brant, Norah Winters, Robbie Robertson and Eddie Brock. The study goes through presentations about the concepts of journalism, stereotype and comics, followed by chronologies about the selected journalist characters. Subsequently, there is the culmination of all these elements in the observations of the analysis chapter, supported by bibliographic research and content analysis with a categorical framework with the following divisions of journalistic stereotypes: liar, manipulator, journalist as a renewal, opportunist, good and bad professional. In short, it is possible to see that the journalism presented in the Spider-Man comics shows a need to maintain the status quo combined with a perpetuation of stereotypes that span decades of fictional productions.
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    Made in Brazil: a percepção de Nelson Motta sobre a Tropicália
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-09) Morais, Maria Eugênia Nalini de; Nogueira, Lisandro Magalhães; Nogueira, Lisandro Magalhães; Oliveira, Rodrigo Cássio
    Established in 1968 with the release of the album Tropicália ou Panis et Circenses, the Brazilian Tropicalista Movement was a cultural phenomenon that brought together ideas from the national popular scene with new international elements. Combined with its emergence, journalist Nelson Motta, columnist from Roda Viva, member of the Rio de Janeiro newspaper Última Hora, kept the tropicalists and their personal accomplishments on the agenda whenever possible. Through bibliographic research and content analysis, the research comprises how Nelson Motta perceived the growth of an unprecedented scenario of Brazilian Popular Music. Therefore, it can be said that the column, also connected to a pluralism of sociocultural themes, created a significant identity for the consolidation of Tropicália.
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    Youtube e Spotify: o papel das plataformas digitais no processo de midiatização do rap nacional
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-09-09) Nunes, Marina Veiga; Nogueira, Lisandro Magalhães; Nogueira, Lisandro Magalhães; Melo, Marcilon Almeida de
    This monograph was developed with the objective of demonstrating how the digital platforms Youtube and Spotify contributed and accelerated the mediatization process suffered by the musical genre ‘rap’ throughout its evolution in Brazil. The analysis begins with the presentation of the history of the emergence of rap abroad and its arrival in the national territory, based on bibliographic research, the entire evolutionary process of the music of Brazilian hip hop culture is traced from the 1980s to the 2010s. Then, the bibliographic research is resumed, this time used to bring understanding about topics such as cultural industry, mass culture and how both can be analyzed within the object studied. The emergence of the on-demand consumption format and its impacts within the music industry is also presented, explaining the emergence of Youtube and Spotify and the importance of these platforms to understand the rap mediatization process pointed out during the work. Finally, the concepts and hypotheses developed throughout the two initial chapters are joined to samples of data provided by the two digital platforms used as a clipping; this demonstrates its real impact on the genre and the initial thesis of accelerating the mediatization process of national rap in the digital age is justified.
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    O profissional bibliotecário e as habilidades e competências na área da gestão
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2019-11-27) Queiroz, Sabrina de Melo; Morais, Marizângela Gomes de; Morais, Marizângela Gomes de; Garbelini, Maria de Fátima
    Show the profile of the Librarian and his management skills and competencies. Identifies which management skills and competencies a Librarian must demonstrate in order to manage an information unit. It raises characteristics of the management in the profile of the egress of the course of Librarianship of the Federal University of Goias. It describes the characteristics of the manager in the literature, approaching the main theoretical writers of the Administration. Methodologically, this work has been structured through the bibliographic and field research of descriptive and exploratory forms of basic nature. Collects data through two semi-structured scripts applied to Librarians managing information units in the cities of Goiânia and Aparecida de Goiânia, and to the coordinator of the Librarianship course of the Federal University of Goiás. It points out skills and competencies in the profile of the Managing Librarian, who are: plan, organize, manage, lead, mediate conflict, communicate, innovate, be creative, map work proposals, command and work in teams, assign and distribute tasks, be inclusive and flexible. It shows that the Librarian must-have skills and competencies in Management and Administration, but that he should also pursue continuing education in these areas according to the type of information unit he works in, seeking to meet his needs and specificities.
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    Mapeamento do ensino para atuação em biblioteconomia de dados nas graduações brasileiras da região centro oeste: uma análise curricular
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-03-03) Santos, Tiago Cardoso dos; Ribeiro, Geisa Muller de Campos; Ribeiro, Geisa Muller de Campos; Silva, Luciana Candida da
    The research aims to investigate, through a mapping of the Pedagogical Projects of the Library Science courses offered by the Federal Universities in the Central-West region of Brazil and in the Teaching Plans of the institution’s disciplines, the formative aspects that contribute to the professional performance as a data librarian. The specific objectives are to conceptualize and describe the data librarian, its origin, functions, and object of work in the e-Science scenario through a literature review; Map in the Pedagogical Projects of the courses the disciplines that contribute to the formative competence of a data librarian; Identify, in the Teaching Plans of the disciplines, based on the terms previously raised in the methodology, the most evident subjects that contribute to the formative competence of a data librarian; Identify the most evident thematic axes for the formative competence of a data librarian; identify the most evident axes of the disciplines with a direct relation to the data librarian's training. The theoretical foundation presents various facets about the librarian's performance in the context of e-Science, as a manager of scientific research data and repositories. The research is of a basic nature. As for the objectives, it is descriptive and, for the procedures, it is bibliographical and documentary. Bibliographic research guided the construction of a general framework of competencies for the data librarian used as a reference for analysis. In documentary research, the Pedagogical Projects of the courses and the teaching plans were used. The investigated institutions were: Federal University of Rondonópolis, Federal University of Goiás, and University of Brasília. The research shows that the institutions have contributed to the formation of data librarians. The concentration of themes is located in the program content of the disciplines, and the evident axes are information organization and treatment and technology. Overall, the research results were achieved, and it is hoped that it will contribute to the development of future research.
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    Mapeamento de necessidades de informação: análise da interação dos alunos graduandos da Faculdade de Informação e Comunicação com recursos baseados em UX/UI design
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-23) Borges, Luís Guilherme Jardim; Ferreira Júnior, Arnaldo Alves; Ferreira Júnior, Arnaldo Alves; Melo, Marcilon Almeida de; Matos, Joel Inácio
    This research aims to identify and understand personal and collective characteristics demonstrated by users of resources based on UX/UI Design, with regard to the information contained in the search process. To this end, the Collective Subject Discourse Analysis was chosen, aiming to present this understanding, through a discourse that could represent the public in all its conjuncture. In this way, the research points to a basic knowledge about the area in question, which opens precedents for their evolution, through the deepening of searches through the interviewed public.
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    Análise dos critérios de indexação na biblioteca pública Pio Vargas da cidade de Goiânia
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2023-02-15) Oliveira, Gustavo Alves; Oliveira, Lais Pereira de; Oliveira, Lais Pereira de; Carvalho, Livia Ferreira de
    It analyzes the criteria used for indexing the collection of the Pio Vargas public library in the city of Goiânia, as well as the existence of an indexing policy in it. It is a qualitative study, carried out through exploratory and descriptive research, applied to the librarian in charge of the unit. The collection technique was a questionnaire with open and closed questions. The results indicate that the library uses the criteria agreed upon in the literature, but adapted to its reality. As for the indexing policy, the library has a culture for the indexing of the collection in place, but there is no formalized policy. It is concluded that the performance of the indexing processes without a structured policy is an obstacle to the preservation of the logic of the collection construction and that the formalization of an indexing policy would benefit the library regarding the decisions that are taken by the professional who performs the indexing, thus preserving the decisions related to indexing that have already been performed, thus enabling the best information retrieval for the user.
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    Uso de padrões de manipulação no jornalismo econômico: O Popular
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-14) Fontes, Júlia Sarmento; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Signates; Freitas, Luiz Antonio Signates; Correia, William de Araújo
    This monograph analyzes the extent to which the economic journalism practiced by O Popular uses manipulation mechanisms. In the study, there is the rescue of the history of Brazilian economic journalism and the conceptualization of the main patterns of manipulation. Among the objectives, to investigate the historical context of economic journalism; to problematize the main manipulation patterns used by the press; to identify the patterns of manipulation in the economics section of the newspaper O Popular in the articles published in December 2021. The research was carried out in a qualitative way and with an inductive approach method, with the main instruments of collection and analysis, bibliographic research and content analysis. The actuality and presence of manipulation patterns in the vehicle's editorial was identified; a tendency of interconnection between these mechanisms; and a gap in Abramo's work, where it was possible to verify a new pattern, tautology as a subcategory of induction. Despite this, the journalistic character of O Popular is irrefutable.
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    A cultura da mobilidade observada nos tweets sobre o gyn de bike
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-05) Carvalho, Paulo Emílio de Medeiros; Freitas, Luiz Antônio Signates; Freitas, Luiz Antônio Signates; Borges, Rosana Maria Ribeiro; Fernandes, Luiz Carlos do Carmo
    With digital social networks, the movements of people, objects and information dialogue even more with each other and reinforce a culture that revolves around mobility. This study presents itself as a resource for understanding this reality, since it seeks to understand how mobility culture can be observed in Twitter publications about Gyn de Bike, a bicycle sharing system installed in Goiânia. Therefore, a qualitative methodological approach is used, which collects and processes data through bibliographic research and content analysis. Thus, the intense dialogue between physical spaces and communication made in digital social networks was identified. These networks are also appropriate as debate spaces for power dynamics that interfere with mobility. In this way, this research contributes to communication studies about mobility culture as it allows it to be seen in action.
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    Como as notícias sobre emergências aeronáuticas na aviação comercial foram retratadas no portal G1 no ano de 2019
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2022-04-05) Costa, Fabrício Vera de Assis; Borges, Déborah Rodrigues; Borges, Déborah Rodrigues; Borges, Rosana Maria Ribeiro
    This monograph analyzes the news about aeronautical emergencies present in commercial aviation on the Portal G1, from, between January 1 and December 31, 2019. The analysis sought to understand whether there is the presence or not of sensationalism in the analyzed news; assess the recurrence of this type of news and the way in which it is disseminated within the Portal G1; understand the priorities of the Portal G1 in defining agendas and news about the area of commercial aviation; understand the centrality that news on the subject acquires on the portal, in addition to analyzing the content of the news to verify if there was the use of artifices to speculate events that were innocuous for people. The case study method was used, together with the instruments of bibliographic survey, document research and content analysis in order to collect, process and analyze the necessary data for the research.