Novo método de drenagem e captação de águas subperficiais ou sistema “underflow”

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Clyce Louise Wilderhercker


A new conceptíon on drainage tries to modify the traditional system of terrains drainage, by means of multiple granulometric and decreasing ascension filters, with an enormous economy os costs and better efficiency in underground water drainage. The new system has been in operation with success for something more than two years at many places in Goiás State . It applies a very simple mecanism by us1ng a minimum number of filters (two granulometries only) in a small volume, and has its efficiency evergrew by concrete plates set transversally to the PVC tubes drain, which are scratched. The fil'ter more protected from the colmatation and from the vertical pollution by a plastic cover. This s stem, called UNDERFLOW by i s idea 1 izer, ogist and Titular Professor of UFGO Josê Maria Fleury, has this name since the word well defines the way of the drained water flew from under by one vehícle only. The five main inovations are: a) - The concrete plate dispposed transversally to the draín-filter at distances calculated accor d to the inclinatíon an width of the trench ano the subsoil material; b) - The 60% reduction of granulometric filters volume c) ) The dispositíon of the finegrained plastic cover on the filter, isolating it immediately rom the material taken out the trench and used to level; d) The using of rigid PVC tubes loved as sewers, scratched instead of perforated on its superior half; e) The using of passage boxes built in the curves and junctions of the secondary drain-filters with the main net.




FLEURY, José Maria. Novo método de drenagem e captação de águas subperficiais ou sistema “underflow”. Boletim Goiano de Geografia, v. 1, n. 2, p. 143-152, jul./dez. 1981. Disponível em: <>.