O conto de Clarice Lispector como provocação ao jovem leitor escolar

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Considering the importance of literary reading for the education of youth, the objective of this article is to emphasize the short story as a format to captivate and introduce the school reader. To support this argument this article contains a selection of short stories by Clarice Lispector for emphasizing the particular and unique effect of the short story (CORTAZAR, 1974). Furthermore, we highlight the subject of interest by youth and the incompleteness of language used by the writer to provoke the reader. This study examines aspects of the short story that form a connection between young readers and the text, especially those caused by the play of identification and estrangement in this author.



Short story, Conto, Clarice Lispector, Formation of readers, School reader, Clarice Lispector, Formação de leitores, Leitor escolar


CRUVINEL, Maria de Fátima. O conto de Clarice Lispector como provocação ao jovem leitor escolar. Contexto: revista do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Letras, Vitória, n. 28, p. 111-136, 2015.