Acoustic repertoire of Barycholos ternetzi (Anura: Strabomantidae) in central Brazil

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Brazilian Society of Herpetology


Barycholos ternetzi is an anuran species from the Brazilian Cerrado which can be found in gallery forests and Cerrado sensu strictu. Currently, the only available information about the natural history of B. ternetzi is a previous description of its advertisement call. Herein, we studied the vocal repertoire of this species in October 2009 at Floresta Nacional de Silvânia, Goiás state, Central Brazil. We ecognized four distinct vocalizations, of which the advertisement call was the most common. The aggressive call was emitted in response to a neighbor male, while the distress and fighting calls were emitted, respectively, when the male was caught or during physical interactions. We also observed that the dominant frequency was influenced by call duration and body size, while the call duration and repetition rate were influenced by air temperature. Furthermore, we observed that the chorus size influenced the repetition rate of the advertisement call of B. ternetzi.



Aggressive interaction, Distress call, Advertisement call, Aggressive call, Fighting call


LEMES, Priscila; TESSAROLO, Geiziane; MORAIS, Alessandro R.; BASTOS, Rogério P. Acoustic repertoire of Barycholos ternetzi (Anura: Strabomantidae) in central Brazil. South American Journal of Herpetology, Mooca, v. 7, n. 2, p. 157-164, Aug. 2012.