Quando os jornalistas se transformam em fonte de pesquisas qualitativas

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This work privileges the critical view on the inversion of journalis-ts’ roles, analyzing these professionals as a source of information for qualita-tive researches, and not only as news transmitters. The main objective is to understand that documentary sources can be destroyed or become inaccessi-ble and that the memory of journalists presents itself as a source of informa-tion of those who were interviewed, or of those who participated actively in events and social narratives. In addition, journalists are not ordinary sources, but specialized people accustomed to narratives and people who can express with differentiated language the data of an investigation. The paper also presents a reflection about the interview as a qualitative method of scientific research.



Pesquisa qualitativa, Análise crítica de discurso, Jornalismo, Entrevista, Qualitative research, Critical discourse analysis, Journalism, Interview


TEMER, Ana Carolina R. Pessôa; TUZZO, Simone Antoniaci. Quando os jornalistas se transformam em fonte de pesquisas qualitativas. Revista Eixo, Brasíla, DF, v. 8, n. 3, p. 27-38, jul./dez. 2018.