A questão étnica e/ou racial no espaço: a diferença no território e a geografia

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This paper is based on a group of studies, researchs, readings, observations and interventions. The main aim is to problematize the epistemological place of the ethnic and racial question in geographic science based on its modernity-coloniality and considering the Brazilian society in the world-system - focusing on black collectivities, quilombolas and indigenous peoples. I initially approached geography as a modern-colonial science, whose narrative of formation has little connection with colonization and colonialism and, even less, with the racial issue. Next, I make considerations about race and ethnicity within the framework of the modern-colonial world-system, the focus is given on French authors. In the sequence, I indicate two tendencies of Brazilian geographers: 1. Those that glimpsed the ethnic and/or racial issue, but not discussed it; 2. Those who work directly with the themes and identified themselves with the field of research. Finally, I summarise some points to think about the issues of difference - ethnic and racial - as an agenda for geographic studies for social transformations and epistemological displacements.



Questão etnicorracial, Diferença, Território, Geografia, Ethnic and racial issue, Difference, Territory, Geography


RATTS, Alex. A questão étnica e/ou racial no espaço: a diferença no território e a geografia. Boletim Paulista de Geografia, São Paulo, n. 104, p. 1–22, 2020. Disponível em: https://publicacoes.agb.org.br/boletim-paulista/article/view/2134. Acesso em: 7 jun. 2024.