O agronégocio e as potencialidades turísticas do município de Rio Verde-Go

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This article discusses how agribusinesses allows or not the creation or favours tourism in Rio Verde town. Expositions related to cattle-raising and agriculture, such as Agrishow- COMIGO are examples of strategies of marketing and publicity for cattle raising, agriculture and technologic agriculture products. Besides those events, the increase of the rate of occupation in the hotel network in the last years raised the idea of developing tourism in the city. The touristic potential of the city is ignored by businessmen involved with lodging, foods and beverages. Inexperience affects also public agents in charge of tourism promotion, creating obstacles to the development of tourism as a new economic activity in the town.



Agribusiness, Agronegócio, Tourism, Business and events tourism, Tourism potentialities, Rio Verde - GO, Turismo, Pacotes tecnológicos, Turismo de negócio e eventos, Potencialidade turísticas


CASTILLO PIZARRO, Roberto Eduardo; ALMEIDA, Maria Geralda de. O agronégocio e as potencialidades turísticas do município de Rio Verde-Go. Boletim Gaúcho de Geografia, Porto Alegre, n. 32, p. 113-130, dez. 2007.