Liderança de Opinião: Mídias Locais e a Interpessoalidade

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Simone Antoniaci Tuzzo


The objective of this study lies in understanding the development of the concept of opinion leadership, as well as clarify the relationship between the leader and his place in contemporary interpersonal influence. To this end, it becomes important to focus on the construction of public opinion and the search for understanding that the public of today, receives information from other sources and that the transmission speed provides the elimination of communication barriers, so the value of local affairs in cosmopolitan contexts. This article seeks to reflect on the congruence between social structures, relationships, structures and mediated discourse.


v. 13, n. 2, p. 77-90, jul./dez. 2010.


Líderes, Opinião pública, Mídias locais, Interpessoalidade


TUZZO, S. A; FIGUEIREDO, L. M. F. de. Liderança de Opinião: Mídias Locais e a Interpessoalidade. Comunicação & Informação, Goiânia, GO, v. 13, n. 2, p. 77-90, jul./dez. 2010. Disponível em: <>.