O absoluto da teoria na comunicação: as meias-verdades contra culturas e povos

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Simone Antoniaci Tuzzo


The communication theory, as well as the axle of the which drift, social sciences, accumulates a historical debt with the popular social movements: the habit to think the society without trying to understand it in its essence, its deeper contradictions. The incompressible will in massificar the existing of the maiorias, in a case as in the other, nothing more is that the elitist and cynical side of our intellectual inheritance (of that we still do not exempt them of all). Something that has paralyzed, in felt center, the renewal of the theory, - in the field of the communication, over all - and hindered that it dedicates to understand and to explain the society. The current loans, however to the marxism however to the Christianity, lead to the forgetfulness of that, as ideologies, nor they had always escaped to the use politician and, thus, time another one had passed as lies. In synthesis, all the conflict, alert Ginzburg with precision arsonist, is that in one hand we find, retroceding, the "connoisseur of the natural things" (Maquiavel), "the wise"(Polibio), "the philosophers" (Platão and Aristoteles);in the other hand "people" (Maquiavel) "the crowd" (Polibio), the majority (Aristóteles), "the remaining of the city"(Platão), (2001, p.64). This fight against the popular citizen, for the visa, comes of far. Very far.


v. 4, n. 1/2, p. 93-118, jan./dez. 2001.


Teoria da comunicação, Movimentos sociais


ROCHA, N. J. dos R. O absoluto da teoria na comunicação: as meias-verdades contra culturas e povos. Comunicação & Informação, Goiânia, GO, v. 4, n. 1/2, p.93-118, jan./dez. 2001. Disponível em: <http://www.revistas.ufg.br/index.php/ci/article/view/24022>.