Agência de propaganda: casa de Orates ou templo do Oráculo?

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In the face of the responsibilities and compromises imposed by the media today, it is imperative do rethink the perception, the values and places occupied by advertisement in our society. In one sense ad agencies could be seen as a House of Orates: A home for lunatics, dreamers, inspired, and able to produce great ideas or marketing solutions instantly. If agencies, on the other hand, assume the role of counseling, orientation or problem solving for their clients, couldn´t we interpret their role in terms of an Oracular Temple, a very special king of Sanctuary of our times? Are the adman the new Oracle? The one who holds the answer for the problems of the companies, the market, the institutions?



Agência de propaganda, Casa de Orates, Templo do Oráculo, Cultura, Agencies of advertise, House of Orates, Oracular temple, Culture


SANTOS, Goiamérico Felício Carneiro dos. Agência de propaganda: casa de Orates ou templo do Oráculo? Signos do Consumo, São Paulo, v. 1, n. 2, p. 173-187, 2009.