Sesc pompeia sensorial: experiência na exploração lúdica da arquitetura

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Rosana Horio Monteiro


This present work intents to examine the architectural design and the labor of the architect Lina Bo Bardi for SESC Pompeia Factory (1977-1986) captured by glance of childhood, in relation to establishes with most playful and experimental aspects of human experience, like an invocation of environments relation with one´s body. We try to punctuate and qualify the value of straight sensory experience in the building to reach a full understanding on its tactile qualities that give him an assortment facet of colors, textures, feelings, distances and movements of the very body and time in the space as legitimized feature of spaces there introduced.



Lina Bo Bardi, SESC pompeia, Arquitetura sensorial, Sensorial architecture


GORNI, Marcelina. Sesc pompeia sensorial: experiência na exploração lúdica da arquitetura. Visualidades, Goiânia, v. 10, n. 2, p. 107-137, jun./dez. 2012. Disponível em: <>.