Identidade política de professores formadores de licenciandos em Química


Higher education has changed a lot in recent years, especially regarding the interference of international organizations, such as the BID and the World Bank. These demand neoliberal educational reforms that directly impact on teachers who form federal higher education institutions in Brazil. In this context, we have as a guiding question the possibilities of constituting the political identity of the professors of a degree in Chemistry at a public institution in Goiás and its repercussion in the university’s class. In this perspective, we adopted dialectical historical materialism as the method and semi-structured interviews as a data collection instrument. The research takes as a reference the professors who are teachers of the institution and how they position themselves in the world and how they will compose relations with students and the University in addition to relations with the world of work. Our results show that the political identity presented by the majority of those surveyed is restrictive, therefore, an ideological mechanism for the emptying of politics, which means demobilization of the class. Those surveyed are also far from understanding their own work from the perspective of totality in order to combat its fragmented and alienating character, characteristic of a capitalist society, as they are based on transmission-reception classes.



Identidade política, Professores formadores, Licenciandos em Química, Identity politics, Preservice Chemistry teachers trainers, Chemistry teaching


SANTOS, Jane Darley Alves dos; MESQUITA, Nyuara Araújo da Silva; SOARES, Márlon Herbert Flora Barbosa. Identidade política de professores formadores de licenciandos em Química. Ensino & Multidisciplinaridade, São Luís, v. 3, n. 1, p. 76-92, jan./jun. 2017. Disponível em: Acesso em: 10 abr. 2024.