Aspectos intergeracionais da família marrana e o caso dos “abafadores” no conto “Alma‑Grande”, de Miguel Torga

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Diaspora contexts work as a device that produces multiple and heterogeneous subjectivities. In the case of the crypto-­‐‑Jewish or marrano families from Iberia, such psychosocial pictures, that also generates the diaspora, are turned into allegory, such as in the Miguel Torga'ʹs short story O “Alma-­‐‑Grande”. In this fictional picture, with factual aspects, we'ʹll reflect upon the existential field of a buffer and the multicultural and intergenerational negotiations made between such character and a family, in which childhood is central perspective. Such negotiations occur in the attempt of preserving certain facility, and at the same time, move the traditions to the transversal identities dimension.



Miguel Torga, Família, Infância, Family, Childhood


SANTANA, Jorge Alves. A. Aspectos intergeracionais da família marrana e o caso dos abafadores no conto Alma-grande, de Miguel Torga. Arquivo Maaravi: revista digital de estudos judaicos da UFMG, Belo Horizonte, v. 9, n. 17, p. 192-208, nov. 2015.