Animais maravilhosos e seus rastros medievais na América portuguesa: entre o fabuloso e o promocional

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This article examines three factors that motivate the narrative construction of the “New World” chronicles, particularly those dealing with the colonization of Brazil. The first is that in these Brazilian chronicles, motifs referring to the marvelous fauna of the medieval tradition are found. The second factor examined, closely linked to the first, is the finding that the reasons for this wonderful fauna come from the tradition of bestiary books from the Middle Ages. Finally, the third factor is the pragmatics of promotional intention present in these chronicles. Reasoning the relationship between these factors, the article makes a comprehensive critical description of the animals in the colonial chronicles that present motifs from the medieval bestiary. It concludes that this treatment of colonial fauna reveals the intention to promote the natural realities of Brazilian colonial lands, using the relationship between the record of exoticism, gain, and exploration, beyond simple disinterested wonder. Although it is not the intention of the article, given its limits, to make a theory of this relationship, it points to the conclusion that the marvelous exotic fauna of colonial Brazil worked many times as an incentive for the enjoyment between the imaginary and the real of the things of the lands newly discovered.



Wonderful representation, Medieval animals, Brazilian fauna, Colonial chronicles, Promotion and usefulness, Representação maravilhosa, Animais medievais, Fauna brasileira, Crônicas coloniais, Promoção e utilidade


FONSECA, Pedro Carlos Louzada. Animais maravilhosos e seus traços medievais na América portuguesa: entre o fabuloso e o promocional. Amerika, França, v. 24, 2022. DOI: 10.4000/amerika.15569. Disponível em: Acesso em: 27 mar. 2023.