As mudanças no ensino de Geografia para uma ação efetiva da cartografia escolar

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Changes in teaching of Geography in Brazil have been in recent years, increasingly noticeable from school practices of teachers of this discipline, the development of research on geographic education and the publication of official documents that guide the teaching work. These changes have not always been / are positive, however, are occurring and transform the teaching and learning of geography in school. Given this situation, we have focused in this article discuss and reflect some changes that have happened in the teaching of geography that were representative for the construction or design of this science schoolwork and marks and materialize an effective action of school Cartography. For it will be essential to rescue the challenges and barriers highlighted by some specialists, and still persist in many teaching practices, such as mnemonic share, valuing description, fragmentation of knowledge and the neglect of the map. To overcome these contexts emphasize the contribution of research in teaching of Geography who sought to strengthen the settled teaching work in highlighting the geographical concepts, scalar analysis and daily life, and have become benchmarks for the development of school practices this discipline in Basic Education, especially regarding school Cartography.



Ensino de Geografia, Teaching Geography, Prática docente, Ação efetiva, Cartografia escolar, Teaching practice, Effective action, School cartography


RICHTER, Denis. As mudanças no ensino de Geografia para uma ação efetiva da cartografia escolar. Revista GeoUECE, Fortaleza, v. 3, n. 4, p. 217-237, jan./jun. 2014.