Advertisement calls of three anuran species (Amphibia) from the Cerrado, central Brazil


Aspects of natural history, such as the advertisement call, of many frog species from central Brazil are unknown. This kind of vocalization is important for specific recognition, thus studies describing these calls are needed. Herein we describe the advertisement calls of three anuran species from the Cerrado Biome: (a) Allobates goianus (Aromobatidae); (b) Odontophrynus salvatori (Cycloramphidae); (c) Lysapsus caraya (Hylidae). From October to December/2001 and March/2009, the vocalizations of individuals of these species were recorded in three municipalities in Goiás state: Alto Paraíso, Araguapaz and Silvânia. The advertisement calls emitted by A. goianus presented modulation of frequency and those vocalizations emitted by O. salvatori and L. caraya showed pulsioned structure. In general, these species presented advertisement calls different from those emitted by other species in the same genus. This difference reinforces the importance of the advertisement calls for specific recognition and also the validity of these species.



Cycloramphidae, Hylidae, Aromobatidae, Vocalization


BASTOS, Rogério P.; SIGNORELLI, Luciana; MORAIS, Alessandro R.; COSTA, Taís B.; LIMA, Leôncio P.; POMBAL JÚNIOR, José P. Advertisement calls of three anuran species (Amphibia) from the Cerrado, central Brazil. South American Journal of Herpetology, Mooca, v. 6, n. 2, p. 67-72, Aug. 2011.