The study of the evolution of biodiesel research in Brazil


With the “birth” of the National Biodiesel Production and Use Program (PNPB) in 2004, there was a need to look for ways to maintain the biofuel production chain throughout Brazil. One of the main goals of this program was the promotion of Social Inclusion, Economic and Regional Development through job creation, human resources and income. Since the beginning of the National Program and the Brazilian Biodiesel Network, conferences, lectures and events related to the development and technology of biofuel have gotten support and representation on a national level. The importance of the rising of public policies for the development of new technologies aimed at the production of biodiesel on a regional basis, in addition to the study of new techniques and synthetic routes for its production, among the creation ofnew researchesin this field, which was and still is of great valuefor the productive, economic, scientific and technological sectors. Based onthe outcome results of biodiesel studybefore and after the risingof thegovernment programs, a more detailed study of scientific production on this subject is necessary. The goal of this workwas to statistically analyze, through the ‘Web of Science’ database, the national evolution of biodiesel technology in Brazil. Making a comparison between different regions of the country, it was possible to observe that the regions (southeast and south) with thelargest amount of resources receivedfrom the Federal Government (Finep, CNPq, Capes) and from thestate (FAPs) in the last 20 years for the development of technologies focused on biodiesel, had proportionallygreater quantitative production of scientificworks indexed on the analyzed platform. With these results it was possible to conclude that the most relevant factor in scientific production is the amount of financial resources allocatedto the training of human resources (research grants), investmentsin high quality equipment (laboratories), raw material andothernecessary materialfor the production of new technologies (final product).



PNPB, RBTB, Biofuel, History of biodiesel, Regional development, Biocombustível, História do biodiesel, Desenvolvimento regional


ALVES, Roger Pereira et al. The study of the evolution of biodiesel research in Brazil. Brazilian Journal of Development, Curitiba, v. 6, n. 3, p. 16360-16367, mar. 2020. DOI: 10.34117/bjdv6n3-490. Disponível em: Acesso em: 26 abr. 2024.