Tecnologias de código aberto para registro fotogramétrico do patrimônio arquitetônico

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


In the last few decades, technological development has instituted new tools for the register of architectural heritage, photogrammetry being one of them. At the same time, initiatives to produce open-source technologies were expanded, that is, software whose source code is available for remote access, accessible for study and modification and available for redistribution to others. This article, therefore, addresses the theme of preservation of architectural heritage, from the perspective of open-source technologies for its photogrammetric register. The research hypothesized that there is open-source software to carry out the photogrammetric register of buildings recognized as architectural heritage. Therefore, the objective of the research was to identify software for open-source photogrammetric register. The methodological procedure involved bibliographic research on the photogrammetry technique applied to the preservation of architectural heritage and on open-source photogrammetric technologies. As the main result of this study, eight open-source software for photogrammetric recording were identified, with emphasis on the VisualSMF, Meshlab, Regard 3D and COLMAP systems, as we verified cases in which these programs were used to perform photogrammetric register of historic buildings.



Patrimônio arquitetônico, Registro, Tecnologia, Código aberto, Architectural heritage, Register, Technology, Open source


GARCIA, Vitor Cavalcanti; GUILLEN SALAS, Juan Carlos; CAIXETA, Eline Maria Mora Pereira. Tecnologias de código aberto para registro fotogramétrico do patrimônio arquitetônico. Revista Jatobá, Goiânia, v. 5, e76955, 2023. DOI: 10.5216/revjat.v5.76955. Disponível em: https://revistas.ufg.br/revjat/article/view/76955/40116. Acesso: em 29 dez. 2023.