Importância pericial dos registros odontológicos decorrentes de tratamento protético

The dental records produced in the prosthetic treatments have primordially a clinical purpose, because these documents allow the consultation about the stage of execution of odontological procedures. However, in specific situations, the information contained in these documents may have relevant legal value, by clarifying several judicial questions. In cases related to the identification of edentulous individuals, the dentist must be attentive to register all possible details about the oral anatomy of the patient and denture features. In this context, the aim of this work is to show the forensic importance of prosthetic records, through a case report, by emphasizing the social and legal importance of establishing denture marking standards. Until the Federal Council of Dentistry establishes specific rules concerning the matter, and to be followed by dentists and technical in dental prosthesis, these professionals must observe their ethical and legal obligations related to the notes and data about clinical and laboratorial prosthetic procedures that they have to register in patient’s record. Thus, these dental records may protect the professional exercise and subsidize correctly the forensic exams in cases of edentulous patients.
Forensic dentistry, Odontologia legal, Forensic anthropology, Dental records, Denture, Complete, Antropologia forense, Prótese total, Registros odontológicos
SILVA, Rhonan Ferreira da; BENTA, Niúsa Gomes; DARUGE JUNIOR, Eduardo; PRADO, Mauro Machado do; MELO, Mauro de. Importância pericial dos registros odontológicos decorrentes de tratamento protético. Odonto, São Bernardo do Campo, v. 16, n. 32, p. 137-143, jul./dez. 2008.