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    Metodologias de ensino no curso técnico de enfermagem
    (2015-08) Araújo, Reila Campos Guimarães de; Nunes, Maria de Fátima
    This study investigated the application of traditional and problematizing teaching methodologies in a Nursing technical course at Senac in Rio Verde, Goiás. The data collection was used: 1. Daily observation guide; 2. Values scales; 3. Anonymous questionnaire; 4. Formal evaluation. The methodologies showed difference in terms of motivation to students’ participation, with better result in problematizing methodology. The formal evaluation showed no difference in the learning process, except for participation topic. In the perception of the teachers, the problematizing methodology overlaps the traditional methodology.
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    Perfil dos usuários de um serviço de atendimento especializado em HIV/AIDS
    (Universidade Federal de Goiás, 2020-12-31) Silveira, Jane Martins; Lemos, Cristiane Lopes Simão; Nunes, Maria de Fátima
    The Specialized Care Service (SAE) is an important strategy of the Ministry of Health for the treatment of people living with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus - HIV / Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome - AIDS - aimed at reducing related morbidity and mortality AIDS in Brazil. The aim of this study was to know and describe the profile of users diagnosed with HIV / AIDS, who were admitted to SAE / Goiânia, in 2016. Method: In the total of study subjects, 168 (92.3%) were 126 males (69.3%) were between 20 and 34 years old; 55 (30.2%) had completed high school. A little more than half of the users 92 (50.5%) declared sexual intercourse as a way of contagion of HIV. The rate of users being treated with antiretroviral therapy (TARV) was 161 (88.5%). It was concluded that the majority of SAE / Goiânia users with HIV / Aids, in 2016, were men, with complete high school, young adults and who had the sexual route as the main route of HIV contagion. The rate of users undergoing treatment with antiretroviral therapy was 95.6% (174) there was abandonment of 4.7% (8 users) The most significant difference presented was in the gender variable, where viral suppression reached 92.3%, women undergoing TARV and only 57.4% of men had their viral load undetectable. This study contributed to the planning of assistance actions developed by the Municipal Health Department, for monitoring and supported future proposals for interventions such as: increasing the accessibility of the population in general, especially initiating actions that include the female and heterosexual population.
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    Bioética, legislação e tecnologias reprodutivas
    (2001) Guilhem, Dirce Bellezi; Prado, Mauro Machado do
    In this study, the authors focus on the bioethical and legal debate about the utilization of reproductive technologies in Brazil, presenting the path of the proposals that aim at regulating the clinical practice of human assisted reproduction. The following documents are used as reference for the analysis: the Resolution by the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) n.1.358/92, the bills in the National Congress, laws and regulations related to the subject. The examination of these documents allows us to verify the different technical and moral orientations that influence the conduction of the issue in the legislative sphere. It can be verified that the main focus of the projects refers to the rights and interests of children, to the possible beneficiaries of the technique and to embryo reduction. Very little relevance has been directed to the issues of sexual and reproductive rights and to the health of women that undergo new reproductive technologies.
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    Análise bioética da percepção da solidariedade na ação do voluntariado
    (2005) Penteado, Felipe Gomes; Silva, Leonardo Eustáquio Sant'Anna da; Rodrigues, Renata Dias Carneiro; Silva, Mauro Machado do; Bugarin Júnior, João Geraldo
    El presente artículo consiste en un análisis de la percepción de solidariedad por voluntarios de una institución filantrópica del Distrito Federal dirigida al auxilio de familias que poseen niños en tratamiento de cáncer. Para lo cual, se aplicaron cuestionarios a los voluntarios relacionados con la institución y también participantes de una promoción filantrópica de una cadena internacional de fast food. Se analizó, según la bioética, si su comprometimiento ocurrió por cuestión de solidariedad, caridad o compasión. La referencia conceptual para el presente análisis es que la solidariedad consiste en una acción crítica, comprometida y en consonancia con varios principios bioéticos. El estudio hizo percibir que los voluntarios comprenden a la solidaridad como un proceso basado en la responsabilidad social y que tiene consciencia de que sus acciones son importantes para la sociedad.
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    Importância pericial dos registros odontológicos decorrentes de tratamento protético
    (2008-12) Silva, Rhonan Ferreira da; Benta, Niusa Gomes; Daruge Júnior, Eduardo; Prado, Mauro Machado do; Melo, Mauro de
    The dental records produced in the prosthetic treatments have primordially a clinical purpose, because these documents allow the consultation about the stage of execution of odontological procedures. However, in specific situations, the information contained in these documents may have relevant legal value, by clarifying several judicial questions. In cases related to the identification of edentulous individuals, the dentist must be attentive to register all possible details about the oral anatomy of the patient and denture features. In this context, the aim of this work is to show the forensic importance of prosthetic records, through a case report, by emphasizing the social and legal importance of establishing denture marking standards. Until the Federal Council of Dentistry establishes specific rules concerning the matter, and to be followed by dentists and technical in dental prosthesis, these professionals must observe their ethical and legal obligations related to the notes and data about clinical and laboratorial prosthetic procedures that they have to register in patient’s record. Thus, these dental records may protect the professional exercise and subsidize correctly the forensic exams in cases of edentulous patients.
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    Alterações na Declaração de Helsinque – a história continua
    (2007) Garrafa, Volnei; Prado, Mauro Machado do
    The following article analyses the history paper played by Helsink Statement in the field of ethics in research with humans beings. The aforesaid document, built and reviewed several times during annual Meetings promoted by The World Medical Association, nevertheless began to receive severe criticism of the USA from the years 90's. Concerning this document, mainly, the articles 19, 29, and 30 had their legitimacy put under challenge. The referred articles are related to a double standard research usage as ethics measurement and a non obligation for clinical investigation sponsors to keep themselves responsible for any attention those related subjects after completed assays. This document analyses all long process for changing attempts, severely criticized under bioethics about the point of view, sided and imperialist US positions.
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    Responsabilidade profissional no atendimento de pacientes com traumatismo dentário
    (2009-03) Silva, Rhonan Ferreira da; Portilho, Claudia Daniela Moreira; Daruge Júnior, Eduardo; Prado, Mauro Machado do; Garcia, Robson Rodrigues
    Dentoalveolar trauma may be caused by various factors such as aggression, accidental impacts and traffic accidents. Depending on the type of trauma associated with the region and teeth affected, the dental procedures may be conservative or more invasive, including the indication of extraction of traumatized teeth. Bearing in mind that, in addition to the clinical repercussions, dentoalveolar trauma may be associated with legal proceedings, instituted in various areas of law (civil, criminal, security, etc), this paper shows, on the basis of a clinical case, the importance of dental records and the professional liability of the dentist treating a patient suffering from orofacial trauma. The practitioner must therefore take care to record in detail all information obtained from the clinical treatments performed, duly filing the patient’s record and all other documents resulting from clinical practice with a view to safeguarding his or her professional conduct and the particular rights of the patient.
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    Quantos pontos de concordância são necessários para se obter uma identificação odontolegal positiva?
    (2009-04) Silva, Rhonan Ferreira da; Prado, Mauro Machado do; Daruge Júnior, Eduardo
    The present paper consists in a case study about human identification by comparative technique, through a forensic dental method in which the aspects of quantity and quality of necessary points of concordance for a positive identification are discussed. Although some studies point out a minimum of twelve convergent points, as established in the fingerprint analysis, the quantitative evaluation must appear parallel to a quantitative analysis. The authors pose that a positive identification based on different signs present in each case is possible without necessarily mattering the number of concordances.
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    A importância da atuação do odontolegista no processo de identificação humana de vítimas de desastre aéreo
    (2011) Leite, Murillo Martins; Amorim, Ana Célia de Oliveira; Gomes, Tiago Dias; Silva, Rhonan Ferreira da
    The dental expert´s field range from expertise in administrative, criminal or civil courts to human identification. The role of this professional in identification is extremely important in cases of mass casualties, especially concerning the air crash, which, in dimension, results in charred bodies, or fragmented ones and often in an advanced state of decomposition. Under these circumstances, the method of dental comparison becomes essential, and also a simple technique, not expensive, quick and effective due to the need of a large number of identifications in a short time. Objective: Given the above, this study aims to examine the professional profile as well as the role of dental expert’s in the context of activities in human identification of air disaster victims occurred in the last decade in Brazil. Material and method: The methodology consisted in literature review and, then, field research, involving interviews with three dentists that participated in the identification of air disaster victims that occurred in Brazil, and further analysis of their reports. Results: The results point out to a convergence between the views of respondents regarding: the importance of the dental expert’s and of the dental records. Conclusion: It was possible to conclude that the performance of the dental expert’s is crucial in the process of identification of airplane crash victims; that the greatest difficulties in identifying these victims are the fact that most of them were burned and / or fragmented and the lack of antemortem material to conduct dental confrontation; and that Brazil should be better prepared to act efficiently on this kind of mass disaster.
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    Compreensão e legibilidade do termo de consentimento livre e esclarecido em pesquisas clínicas
    (2014-08) Rodrigues Filho, Euripedes; Prado, Mauro Machado do; Prudente, Cejane Oliveira Martins
    Este artículo es una revisión integradora de la literatura cuyo objetivo fue analizar la comprensión y la legibilidad de los consentimientos informados de los participantes de las investigaciones con seres humanos; y comprobar cuáles son los factores que influyen en su comprensión y legibilidad. Por lo tanto, se buscó identificar los factores asociados con el problema de la obtención del consentimiento válido. Forman parte de la muestra de esta revisión once artículos seleccionados, nacionales e internacionales, de los cuales cuatro eran en portugués (36, 36%), uno en español (9,10%) y seis en inglés (54,54%). Se concluyó que la mayoría de los estudios analizados confirma la hipótesis de que los participantes no entienden lo que leen en el consentimiento informado. Así, los factores deducidos como responsables de la dificultad para la lectura y la comprensión de los consentimientos informados fueron el nivel educativo de los participantes y el lenguaje usado en los términos.
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    Verificação do uso de próteses dentárias em servidores da UFG
    (2015) Prado, Mauro Machado do; Borges, Raulino Naves; Prado, Mauro Machado do; Freitas, Gersinei Carlos de; Alvim, Taís G. M.; Melo, Tatiany Cristine de Almeida Silva
    Objective: This study aims to verify the use of dental prostheses on servers at the Federal University of Goiás Methods:. It is this work of documentary research through a retrospective survey of the use of qualitative and quantitative dentures among the technical and administrative staff of the Federal University of Goiás in the five-year period. Data collection strategies were at filling the data in an appropriate form, grounded in the literature. Results: The sample consisted of 50 charts analyzed, of which 26% are non users of prosthesis and the other 74% are carriers of prostheses, of which 57% are women and 43% are men. This sample analyzed, it was found that 56.76% showed with fixed partial denture; 5.41% prosthesis over the implant; 2.70% Total prosthesis bimaxilar; 29.73% Total prosthesis associated with a removable partial denture; 2.70% Total dentures, fixed and removable; 2.70% dentures. Conclusion: Based on these results, it is suggested that increases subsidies and programs for the probable redirection service, as well as to establish promotion and health prevention policies.
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    Phenotypic aspects of oral strains of C. albicans in children with Down's syndrome
    (2006) Ribeiro, Evandro Leão; Scroferneker, Maria Lúcia; Carvalhaes, Mara Silvia; Campos, Cerise de Castro; Nagato, Gustavo M.; Souza, Niwmar A. de; Cardoso, Cléver Gomes; Ferreira, W. M.; Pimenta, Fabiana Cristina; Toledo, Orlando Ayrton de
    The aim of this article is to characterize the biological aspects of oral strains of C. albicans in children with Down’s syndrome. These yeasts were analyzed as to their macromorphological and enzymatic aspects and were tested as to their in vitro susceptibility to antifungal drugs using broth microdilution to determine the minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC). The morphotyping revealed that all oral C. albicans isolates from children with Down’s syndrome promoted the formation of fringes regardless of size, while the control group presented smaller fringes. All oral C. albicans strains produced proteinase, but those with phospholipolytic activity showed greater enzyme capacity in the test group. In vitro susceptibility showed that all oral C. albicans isolates were sensitive to the drugs used.
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    Análise da viabilidade financeira e dos aspectos legais para implementação de clínica odontológica na cidade de Goiânia
    (2013) Santana Júnior, Arnaldo Costa; Campos, Cerise de Castro; Leles, José Luiz Rodrigues; Guilherme, Adérico Santana; Silva, Donizete de Castro e
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    Olhar vigilante na qualidade dos produtos odontológicos: a importância da VIGIPÓS
    (2015) Rodrigues, Paula Cicília Faquim; Souza, João Batista de; Martorell, Leandro Brambilla; Freitas, Pedro Henrique de; Lopes, Lawrence Gonzaga
    The health surveillance has added to its stock a different look in the products, failed to see only the production and sale of local / use and started to follow the product post-trade. This distinctive look is to have as a partner of this action health professionals and the population in general to identify and inform the post-commercialization surveillance services. However, for that surveillance becomes aware of these quality deviations occurred with products used in daily practice is essential to the complaint / notification by the health care professional. Thus, the aim of this article is to present to the health care professionals, especially dentists, the performance of post-marketing surveillance for continuous improvement of product quality for health that are in the market for consumption.In other words, so that the performance of the surveillance is more efficient and generate improvements in the quality of these products, it is necessary the contribution of health professionals such as dentists, to report and notify quality deviations detected through NOTIVISA and thus contribute to the VIGIPÓS fulfill properly and punctually their actions.
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    A review of surface treatment methods to improve the adhesive cementation of zirconia-based ceramics
    (2013) Mattiello, Rodrigo Dalla Lana; Coêlho, Túlio Marcos Kalife; Insaurralde, Elizeu; Coelho, Alan Augusto Kalife; Terra, Gustavo Adolfo Pereira; Kasuya, Amanda Vessoni Barbosa; Favarão, Isabella Negro; Gonçalves, Luciano de Souza; Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges
    In spite of highmechanical strength, zirconia-based ceramics (ZrO2) has poor bond strength after conventional bond cementation procedures, requiring different surface treatment methods (STMs).This review gathered information about the STM for adhesive cementation (AC) to ZrO2 in the PubMed database, considering in vitro studies pertaining to AC for acid-resistant ceramics (ZrO2) limited to peer-reviewed papers published in English between 1965 and 2013 in dental journals. Different STMs have been proposed for ZrO2: air-abrasion (laboratory or chairside) with silica- (Si-) coated aluminum particles, the use of materials containing phosphate monomers, primer or silane application, laser irradiation, Si vapor phase deposition, and selective infiltration etching. In conclusion, STMs improve bond strength of resin luting cement to ZrO2 mainly when tested in short time. STMs must be correlated to the type of ZrO2 and the resin cement.
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    Effect of glass fiber incorporation on flexural properties of experimental composites
    (2014) Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges; Marques, Aline Silva; Bernades, Karina de Oliveira; Carlo, Hugo Lemes; Naves, Lucas Zago
    This study evaluated the effect of fiber addiction in flexural properties of 30wt% silica filled BisGMA resin (FR) or unfilled Bis- GMA (UR). Ten groups were created (𝑁 = 10) varying the resin (FR or UR) and quantity of glass fibers (wt%: 0, 10, 15, 20, and 30). Samples (10 × 2 × 1 mm) were submitted to flexural strength test following SEM examination. Data were analyzed by twoway ANOVA, Tukey, and Student 𝑡-test (𝛼 = 0.05). Results for flexural strength (MPa) were FR-groups: 0% (442.7 ± 140.6)C, 10% (772.8 ± 446.3)ABC, 15% (854.7 ± 297.3)AB, 20% (863.4 ± 418.0)A, 30% (459.5 ± 140.5)BC; UR-groups: 0% (187.7 ± 120.3)B, 10% (795.4 ± 688.1)B, 15% (1999.9 ± 1258.6)A, 20% (1911.5 ± 596.8)A, and 30% (2090.6 ± 656.7)A, and for flexural modulus (GPa) FR-groups: 0% (2065.63 ± 882.15)B, 10% (4479.06 ± 3019.82)AB, 15% (5694.89 ± 2790.3)A, 20% (6042.11 ± 3392.13)A, and 30% (2495.67 ± 1345.86)B; UR-groups: 0% (1090.08 ± 708.81)C, 10% (7032.13 ± 7864.53)BC, 15% (19331.57 ± 16759.12)AB, 20% (15726.03 ± 8035.09)AB, and 30%(29364.37 ± 13928.96)A. Fiber addiction in BisGMA resin increases flexural properties, and the interaction between resin and fibers seems better in the absence of inorganic fillers increasing flexural properties.
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    Reinforcement of dental methacrylate with glass fiber after heated silane application
    (2014) Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges; Paula, Marcella Silva de; Favarão, Isabella Negro; Kasuya, Amanda Vessoni Barbosa; Almeida, Letícia Nunes de; Mendes, Gustavo Adolfo Martins; Carlo, Hugo Lemes
    This study evaluated the influence of silane heat treatment and glass fiber fabrication type, industrially treated (I) or pure (P), on flexural and compressive strength ofmethacrylate resin bars (BISGMA/TEGDMA, 50/50%). Six groups (𝑛 = 10) were created: I-sil: I/silanated; P-sil: P-silanated; I-sil/heat: I/silanated heated to 100∘; P-sil/heat: P/silanated heated to 100∘; (I: I/not silanated; and P: P/not silanated. Specimens were prepared for flexural strength (10×2×1mm) and for compressive strength 9.5 × 5.5 × 3 mm) and tested at 0.5 mm/min. Statistical analysis demonstrated the following for flexural strength (𝑃 < 0.05): I-sil: 155.89 ± 45.27BC; P-sil: 155.89±45.27BC; I-sil/heat: 130.20±22.11C; P-sil/heat: 169.86±50.29AB; I: 131.87±15.86C. For compressive strength, the following are demonstrated: I-sil: 1367.25 ± 188.77ab; P-sil: 867.61 ± 102.76d; I-sil/heat: 1162.98 ± 222.07c; P-sil/heat: 1499.35 ± 339.06a; and I: 1245.78 ± 211.16bc. Due to the impossibility of incorporating the stipulated amount of fiber, P group was excluded. Glass fiber treatment with heated silane enhanced flexural and compressive strength of a reinforced dental methacrylate.
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    Influence of glass fiber wt% and silanization on mechanical flexural strength of reinforced acrylics
    (2014) Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges; Favarão, Isabella Negro; Kasuya, Amanda Vessoni Barbosa; Abrão, Marcel; Luz, Nicolas Franklin Mello da; Naves, Lucas Zago
    The aim is to evaluate the flexural strength of acrylic resin bars depending on the addiction of glass fibers with or without previous 3-methacryloxypropyl-trimethoxysilane (silane) application. Short fibers (3 mm) were treated and added to an acrylic resin powder, being further mixed with acrylic liquid to create bars (25 × 2 × 2 mm) of 11 experimental groups (N = 10), according to the interaction of experimental factors: weight % of glass fibers: (0.5; 1; 3; 4; 6 and 7) and silane application (with silane (S) or without silane (N)). Flexural strength and scanning microscopy evaluation were performed (SEM). Data (MPa) were submitted to ANOVA and Tukey (α = 5%). A significant difference between groups was observed (p = 0.001): S7%(128.85 ± 35.76)a, S6% (119.31 ± 11.97)ab, S4% (116.98 ± 25.23)ab, N4% (107.85 ± 24.88)abc, S1% (96.29 ± 20.65)bc, S0.5% (89.29 ± 7.33)cd, S3% (89.0 ± 11.27)cd, N3% (86.79 ± 17.63)cd, N1% (85.43 ± 16.44)cd, Control (73.29 ± 25.0)de, N0.5% (59.58 ± 19.46)e. For N groups, it was not possible to include more than 4%wt fibers. SEM showed better fiber-resin interaction for S groups, and fractures around fibers on N groups. Previous silane application enables the addiction of greater quantity of glass fibers and better interaction with the acrylic resin resulting in higher flexural strength. Without silane, fibers seem to act as initial crack points due to poor interaction.
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    The influence of polymerization type and reinforcement method on flexural strength of acrylic resin
    (2015) Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges; Kasuya, Amanda Vessoni Barbosa; Favarão, Isabella Negro; Naves, Lucas Zago; Hoeppner, andMárcio Grama
    The aim of this study was to evaluate the flexural strength of acrylic resin bars by varying the types of resin polymerization and reinforcement methods. Fourteen groups (𝑁 = 10) were created by the interaction of factors in study: type of resin (self-cured (SC) or heat-cured (HC)) and reinforcement method (industrialized glass fiber (Ind), unidirectional glass fiber (Uni), short glass fiber (Short), unidirectional and short glass fiber (Uni-Short), thermoplastic resin fiber (Tpl), and steel wire (SW)). Reinforced bars (25×2×2mm) were tested in flexural strength (0.5 mm/min) and examined by scanning electron microscopy (SEM). Data (MPa) were submitted to factorial analysis, ANOVA, and Tukey and T-student tests (𝑎 = 5%) showing significant interaction (𝑃 = 0.008), for SC:Uni (241.71±67.77)a,Uni-Short (221.05±71.97)a, Ind(215.21±46.59)ab, SW(190.51±31.49)abc, Short (156.31±28.76)bcd, Tpl (132.51±20.21)cd, Control SC(101.47±19.79)d and for HC: Ind (268.93±105.65)a, Uni (215.14±67.60)ab, Short (198.44±95.27)abc, Uni-Short (189.56±92.27)abc, Tpl (161.32±62.51)cd, SW(106.69±28.70)cd, andControl HC(93.39±39.61)d. SEManalysis showed better fiber-resin interaction for HC. Nonimpregnated fibers, irrespective of their length, tend to improve fracture strength of acrylics.
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    Resistência adesiva do cimento de ionômero de vidro a restaurações em resina composta revisão da literatura
    (2010) Costa, Sebastião Batista; Fonseca, Rodrigo Borges; Carlo, Fabiola Galbiatti de Carvalho; Batista, André Ulisses Dantas; Montenegro, Robinsom Viégas; Carlo, Hugo Lemes
    Glass ionomer cements are widely used as protectors of the pulp-dentin complex. This study aimed to examine, through a literature review, how adhesive bonding is established between those cements and composite resin restorations. A bibliographic research was conducted in the databases: PubMed, CAPES, SCIELO, BBO, LILACS and BIREME. Papers were selected using the descriptors (Portuguese / English): cimentos de ionômeros de vidro/glass ionomer cements, resinas compostas/composite resins. The period determined for their selection was set between 1995 and 2010, and after filtration, 23 articles were selected. It was observed that different variables are involved in the process of bond strength between glass ionomer and composite resin. The composition, the elapsed time between the insertion of the cement and execution of the restoration, as well as the restorative technique are important factors. The resinmodified cements presented results clinically superior to those found for conventional cements. Bonding between cement and composite resin should be performed immediately after insertion of the cement in the prepared cavity. The self-etching adhesive system increased bond strength values when applied over glass ionomer before initial setting. Adhesives with a composition similar to that of resin modified ionomer increased bond strength after cement’s setting.