A importância da atuação do odontolegista no processo de identificação humana de vítimas de desastre aéreo


The dental expert´s field range from expertise in administrative, criminal or civil courts to human identification. The role of this professional in identification is extremely important in cases of mass casualties, especially concerning the air crash, which, in dimension, results in charred bodies, or fragmented ones and often in an advanced state of decomposition. Under these circumstances, the method of dental comparison becomes essential, and also a simple technique, not expensive, quick and effective due to the need of a large number of identifications in a short time. Objective: Given the above, this study aims to examine the professional profile as well as the role of dental expert’s in the context of activities in human identification of air disaster victims occurred in the last decade in Brazil. Material and method: The methodology consisted in literature review and, then, field research, involving interviews with three dentists that participated in the identification of air disaster victims that occurred in Brazil, and further analysis of their reports. Results: The results point out to a convergence between the views of respondents regarding: the importance of the dental expert’s and of the dental records. Conclusion: It was possible to conclude that the performance of the dental expert’s is crucial in the process of identification of airplane crash victims; that the greatest difficulties in identifying these victims are the fact that most of them were burned and / or fragmented and the lack of antemortem material to conduct dental confrontation; and that Brazil should be better prepared to act efficiently on this kind of mass disaster.



Odontolegista, Dental expert, Human identification, Air crash, Identificação humana, Desastre aéreo


LEITE, Murillo M.; AMORIM, Ana C. O.; GOMES, Tiago D.; PRADO, Mauro M.; SILVA, Rhonan F. A importância da atuação do odontolegista no processo de identificação humana de vítimas de desastre aéreo. Robrac: revista odontologica do Brasil Central, Goiânia, v. 20, n. 52, p. 52-58, 2011.