Direito, linguagem, arte: homem como ser essencialmente social


There are some theories which explain the language study, in many science areas, nevertheless, one stands out: Bakhtin’s theory. With base on this theory, we intend to show which the language study is wider than people forecasted and as the language study is directly connected to the other sciences. In this essay, we did an analyze of one specific scene of the movie “A Time to Kill”. We used, for this, the support of the language and we followed fundaments from Marx to Vygotsky. Finally, we were able to affirm that man is a being made historically and, thus,his language could not be built in other way.



Tempo de matar, A time to till, Linguagem, Discurso jurídico, Legal discourse, Language


TÁRREGA, Maria Cristina Vidotte Blanco; ALVES, Jacqueline Querino. Direito, linguagem, arte: homem como ser essencialmente social. Revista Direitos Culturais, Santo Ângelo, v. 8, n. 15, p. 36-45, 2013.