Dante Alighieri e avoz feminina sobredeterminada: agonismo e fantasmagoria

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Women are the central theme for Dante, from his first lyric poems to the Comedy. In this thematic perspective, through a comparative method and critical-theoretical analysis, this article examines the way in which the poet used the phantasmatic operation of courtlylove to annul the female voice of Beatrice in The New Life and how later on the Florentine lady resurfacedin the Comedy endowed with the masculine voice of the own Dante in constant process of self-listening. In this mimetic aspect, the article intends to conclude that Dante's poetics presents traces of emancipation from medieval aesthetics towards the modern.



Voz feminina, Sobredeterminação, Fantasma, Agonismo, Dante Alighieri, Female voice, Overdetermination, Phantasm, Agonism


FONSECA, Pedro Carlos Louzada; BOTTOS JÚNIOR, Norival. Dante Alighieri e a voz feminina sobredeterminada: agonismo e fantasmagoria. Lingüística y Literatura, Medellín, v. 40, n. 76, p. 176-191, jul./dez. 2019. DOI: 10.17533/udea.lyl.n76a09. Disponível em: https://revistas.udea.edu.co/index.php/lyl/article/view/340082. Acesso em: 22 mar. 2023.