Efetividade da democracia deliberativa em municípios de pequeno porte: pesquisa ação para atuação do Ministério Público na promoção da participação social nas escolhas públicas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The present work has as its object the analysis of instruments of deliberative democracy in political institutions, with a focus on the concern for an effective social participation in these organizations and on the search for interventions capable of promoting democratic improvement of these instruments, notably through a co-participative performance and non-substantialist resolution of the Public Prosecutor's Office. To this end, an action research was carried out to carry out diagnoses, plans, actions and evaluations aimed at improving social participation in institutions of the local government. It starts with the problem context related to the low democratic quality and the low effectiveness of social participation in institutions aimed at this purpose. The research is limited to three instruments: councils of municipal public policies, public hearings and mechanisms of active and passive transparency. In view of the perception of a problem context of low effectiveness of these instruments, the research aims to understand how an efficient performance of the Public Prosecutor's Office is possible, in the sense of verifying institutional flaws and practices established in these deliberative instances, aiming to build better ways of acting in guaranteeing effective social participation. It started from the theoretical references of deliberative democracy, notably in the formulation of Jurgen Habermas, corrected by the theory of directly deliberative polyarchy, developed by Joshua Cohen, which rehabilitates the importance of institutionally constituted spaces for the effectiveness of democratic proceduralism. Due to professional characteristics, the present action research was geographically limited to the Municipality of Mossâmedes (GO). For this, the methodological protocol used research techniques to survey and systematize primary data, document analysis, conducting semi-structured interviews and applying questionnaires. A complete cycle of action research was carried out for each participatory instrument investigated, starting with a previous diagnosis, with case study characteristics, which was followed by a systematic planning of actions, monitored implementation of interventional actions and, sequentially , evaluation of the results achieved with the interventions and the cycle of action research carried out. The main results of the research were: the verification through diagnoses that there are serious failures in the functioning of the instruments of deliberative democracy in institutionalized organizations, compromising the effective social participation in the formulation of public policies in small municipalities; the finding that the Public Prosecutor's Office must act in a co-participatory manner to correct and overcome these failures; the identification, on the other hand, of the need for the Public Prosecutor's Office itself to adopt a less substantialist and more dialogical stance, in order to prevent the performance from becoming a substitute for social participation, which is constitutionally inadequate; the identification that action research is an adequate methodological strategy to guide efforts aimed at institutional improvement of the practices and routines of the Public Prosecutor's Office; the elaboration, as a result of the action research developed, of a roadmap indicating the best practices to be adopted by the Public Prosecutor's Office in small municipalities in improving the conditions for greater social participation in the construction of public choices in these places.



SILVA, L. S. Efetividade da democracia deliberativa em municípios de pequeno porte: pesquisa ação para atuação do Ministério Público na promoção da participação social nas escolhas públicas. 2020. 824 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direito e Políticas Públicas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2020.