Raizeiros de Goiânia: as representações entremeadas nos usos e nas redes de distribuição e comercialização das plantas medicinais em Goiânia - GO

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Understanding the relation between society and nature is to seek the meaning of the source and uses that humans have given the natures. During the existence of human beings on Earth we have observed that the representations and, consequently, the use of nature have changed according to the needs and over time. This work has been done according to the approach of the Cultural Geography trying to understand the relation of the rooters (people who sell and produce roots) in the city of Goiania with the nature. Identifying themselves, their origins, their knowledge, but also their eyes and representations of nature by using medical plants. Thus, the objectives like revealing the representations and medical uses that the rooters do with the natures in their professional activity, doing a map of the occurrence of the rooters in the city of Goiania, and identifying their areas of occurrence and concentration, identify the people that buy medical plants, their belief on the effectiveness of them and highlighting the various networks that are related to the collection, distribution and sale of medical plants were also in this search. The methodology has begun with the looking for the bibliographic searches and related topics. It has also researched the city hall departments (such as the Department of City Development - SEDEM) the register of rooters at fairs and other places. Employing a qualitative approach the exploratory visits have been executed in order to produce the places where the rooters acted and the interviews were executed. The final considerations are presented in three main areas: the representations, the uses and knowledge, the organization and how this is spread of the places where they sell the roots, the relation of the society and nature and the role of the rooters in this relation. As a result it highlights the importance of the family as a link in the transmission of the knowledge, but also as a generator of expansion of the sales of medical plants, materialized in stalls of fairs and markets and shops. It was evident that the Center district and some points in Campinas district concentrate the trade of medical plants in the city. The Politics of Medical Plants and Phytotherapic is an important step, but it still shows up that a set of intentions needs to be put into practice in a complete way. In conclusion, this research ends showing the importance and influence that the recent term "biodiversity" and its speech, has in mediation of representations of nature.



MACHADO, Luiza Helena Barreira. Healers from Goiânia: representations interspersed in the uses and distribution networks and marketing of medicinal plants in Goiania - GO. 2008. 140 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Humanas) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2008.