Gênero e educação: um estudo sobre os saberes produzidos na formação inicial de professoras/es

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


In this study, we investigate the knowledge on gender present in the initial formation programs for teachers of Biological Sciences, Physical Education, Maths and Pedagogy. Therefore, we aim to identify the students‘ comprehension about gender, analysing their understanding related to this topic; track the disciplines, contents and pedagogical activities that contemplate gender issues, in order to determine which kinds of knowledge on the subject are worked during the teachers training; identify the effects that knowledge on gender produces in the process of initial formation programs for teachers. Thus, we carried out a qualitative research, in a university, applying questionnaires to final year students of the chosen courses, conducting semi-structured interviews with the courses coordinators and Pedagogical Projects, created by academic units. The analyses show that different kinds of knowledge about gender are assumed and disseminated by these students and coordinators to try to legitimize a "truth" on the subject. This knowledge is built from biological aspects, characterized by the naturalization of the meanings of being a male and female, and also from the social, historical and cultural aspects, which contribute to the understanding of different ways to affirm masculinity and femininity. We verified that, although there are no curricular systematization in the Pedagogical Projects about gender, there are discussions about it during the teachers training, that closely match the guidelines set out in the laws and the national parameters for education. This indicates that aspects related to citizenship, diversity and respect for the differences are inserted in the educational process. These discussions take form in some teachers interventions, either led by their interest in the area, or by the need to deal with conflicts related to gender in the academic context. We observed in the pedagogical activities described by the participants of the research the attempt to insert and discuss gender issues during the teachers training, at the same time we verified the silencing and resistance for discussion on this subject, demonstrated by the absence of the topic in the formal curricular of the four graduations. In this respect, we identified in the courses surveyed, that gender relations and buildings are noted and discussed during the process of initial formation programs for teachers. This demonstrates the demand for this subject in the educational context. However, there are still power relationships for this subject to be inserted and make itself present in the pedagogical projects, and in the formal curricular of the educational institutions surveyed.



WANDERLEY, L. Gênero e educação: um estudo sobre os saberes produzidos na formação inicial de professoras/es. 2015. 130 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direitos Humanos) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.