Abordagem do conceito de vida no ensino de Ciências e Biologia: uma análise de artigos científicos brasileiros a partir da epistemologia de Fleck

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research presents an investigative study, a form of systematic review, aiming to identify in the object of study, scientific articles published in journals related to teaching and minutes of Encontro Nacional de Pesquisa em Educação em Ciências (ENPEC), how the approach of the concept of life is linked to the possibility of a integrative teaching of the biological knowledge. The source of he categories and subsidies for the analysis of the construction of the ideas on the theme was obtained in the epistemological model of Ludwik Fleck, or in other words, an epistemological analysis was directed by the following elements of Fleck's thought: Thought Collective, Thought Style, Esoteric and Exoteric Circle, Intra and Interspecific Circulation. The epistemological referential was present throughout the investigation, so the investigative profile was understood as theoretical- methodological. The study object was selected based on adaptations of the established criteria for a systematic review, such as definition of research questions, inclusion and exclusion criteria for selection of study material and data collection to answer the previously elaborated questions, reading and material selection. Following these criteria, the article's selection was carried out in specific journals of the Sucupira Platform and in ENPEC Minutes from the insertion in a specific site of the journals or search for the descriptors: concept of life, life phenomenon, living being, life. After reading the abstracts and discarding the articles that didn't fit in the proposal, there were 13 articles for the reading directed by the epistemological categories. The collected data allowed the identification of theoretical-methodological links between the studies and also indicated the possibility of the characterization of a Thought Collective that includes the authors of the studies. The references of the studies pointed as a tendency the historical and philosophical approach of the construction of the biological knowledge, which made possible the reflection on the integration of biological concepts from an approach of the development of life's concept. However, some points of attention appeared, as the limitations of teacher training in science and biology teaching, and as the losses of the low collaborative research activity between the esoteric circle (researchers) and the exoteric circle (teachers) in investigative procedures in the school environment. In view of that, this study points to the development of future researches involving collaborative activities directed by teaching proposals of biological knowledge in the historical and philosophical, social and cultural dimensions of the construction of life's concept as a contribution to rethink the organization of an integrative curriculum and teacher training.



SIMÃO, M. M. Abordagem do conceito de vida no ensino de Ciências e Biologia: uma análise de artigos científicos brasileiros a partir da epistemologia de Fleck. 2018. 119 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação em Ciências e Matemática) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2018.