(Des) Construções históricas do é “ser mulher”: um olhar sobre as goianas e sobre os momentos iniciais da presença delas no esporte

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The first decades of the twentieth century have big social, economic and cultural changes. In the name of modernity, new practices and places of sociability also allowed questions of what was considered only "truth." For goianas portrayed in the press, being a mother was unquestioned as the only way of "being a woman". However, increasing urbanization, theater, cinema, feminism, politics, fashion, bodily practices and the sport have opened up new places daily struggles, power relations and resistance to such "truths". This historiographical study aims to historicize the presence, participation and inclusion of women in Goiás places of sociability and especially their presence early moments of the sport in the state of Goiás, observing and analyzing how the "truths" socially constructed through relations of power and resistance, permeate the everyday as well as reflected and / or influenced the presence and participation of women in these new places. Located, across disciplines, in the areas of Physical Education, Human Rights and History. Has as a research writing periodic press, published during the first decades of the twentieth century, specifically by the year 1936, when the change happens from the state capital of Goiás to Goiânia. Is important to highlight, women in Goiás portrayed in the press release represent only part of a much broader group goianas women. Our analysis focuses, in particular, the women portrayed in the press, in particular between the lines of news, where you can see their daily struggles, power relations and resistance to insert in places beyond the home environment. Between the lines, they question the only way to "be a woman", hitherto considered. The analysis allows to establish four axes of results: 1) Being a mother was apparently regarded as the true and only way to "be a woman"; 2) The only way to "be a woman" was somehow forged by different knowledge; 3) The lines of Goiás press show that modernity also brought new opportunities, breaks paradigms and questions about such "truth"; 4) The Goiás sport possible new places of sociability, as well as film, fashion and feminism.



PAULA, Pollyana Nascimento de. (Des) Construções históricas do é “ser mulher”: um olhar sobre as goianas e sobre os momentos iniciais da presença delas no esporte. 2014. 110 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Direitos Humanos) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2014.