Ações culturais no processo comunicativo das pessoas com síndrome de Down

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Discusses the process of communicational interaction of people with Down Syndrome through photography. It is noticed that the field of Communication Science lacks discussions on the communication of people with intellectual disabilities. Therefore, we used action research, with a qualitative approach to answer the following problem: How is the communicative process through photography with young people with Down Syndrome? The documentary research was used to survey the historical process of construction of the Down Association of Goiás, as well as the online collection of the Presidency on legal frameworks in inclusion policies. The first action developed within the Down Association of Goiás, in the city of Goiânia, was the implementation of a Library within the physical space of the institution, and from this cultural equipment prepared the I and II Photography Workshop, with the participation of children, young people and adults with Down Syndrome, and people from the community without disabilities. The I Photography Workshop sample consisted of 6 photographs of two Young People with Down Syndrome who participated in the Photography Workshop, in addition to the selection of six four-page photographs from the virtual social networks - Fanpage Downeat; @downsyndromeinternational; @institutomanodown; @downlicia_oficial - The pages belong to associations of people with Down syndrome and a young Down's personal profiles. For the II Workshop the sample corresponds to all 14 young people with Down syndrome who participated. The choice of images was based on Barthes's punctum principle (1998) and for data analysis employed the similarity theory as Didi- Huberman (2011). The approximation of the images occurred through the construction of the Mnemosine Atlas. The results demonstrated that despite the subjectivity expressed in the gestures, the disposition of the photographs of the young people with Down Syndrome revealed the ability to communicate through gestures and poses. And this fact was reaffirmed in the second workshop, where the young people with Down syndrome were more emphatic about their tastes and preferences, which is considered a form of communication, since in expressing themselves opinion and thought reflexive-critical. The II Photography Workshop enabled the elaboration of the autobiographical book, that is, the participants wrote their history through photographs. It was concluded that the results were positive, some of the participants have difficulty expressing themselves verbally, and photography was a way of communicating with the world, especially with the construction of the autobiographical book. Another relevant factor in the research was the social impact, regarding the implementation of the library and the cultural actions promoted by this cultural equipment, people with down syndrome, mothers and family members enjoy a space that provides access to culture and the environment. leisure, thus contributing to the growth and visibility of the Goiás Down Association.



FARIA, Keyla Rosa de. Ações culturais no processo comunicativo das pessoas com síndrome de Down. 2019. 169 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Comunicação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2019.