Na teia da terra e dos causos: tessituras do cotidiano de Geraldinho Nogueira

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This PhD thesis aims to present some traces of Geraldinho Nogueira's life trajectory within the countryside of Goiás, Brazil. Through reflection on the unfolding of life, a poor worker is iden-tified exercising different trades in the rural environment in the town Bela Vista de Goiás. By the way, the trade of traditional farmer, pathmaker and, mainly, carpenter. Despite having become known to the general public as a storyteller endowed with impressive humor, a more detailed reflection shows an individual facing numerous social difficulties in everyday life, es-pecially in terms of lack of housing and food. The idea of the poor human being was always presented in the narrator's horizon, just as it guided the lives of most people, residents of the Goiás state countryside throughout the historical process. Some of these individuals, who lived with Geraldinho, were very important for the construction of the thesis. Through field research, they made it possible to lay bare the rural Bela Vista routine in the last century. Even living with the most different difficulties, they found ways to survive in the face of an oppressive agrarian structure. In the research, the means of survival are represented both in the web of solidarity and sociability, having, in the practice of collaborative work, a fundamen-tal value. From a reading of everyday life, the research reflected on Geraldinho's formation as a storyteller, defending the thesis that he found fertile ground for artistic and cultural mani-festation in the rural environment of Bela Vista. Geraldinho made up the stories built from his experiences a means to face and remove the drama of a truly difficult life. Given the indisso-ciability between the narrator and the individual, it is believed that the research will enable a better understanding of the condition of life before the media success. In order to achieve the proposed objective, the thesis is divided into six chapters. In addition to field research, some theoretical references were essential in this textual building process. Emphasis for the contri-butions of Brandão (1982), Candido (1975), Anzai (1985), Borges (2016), Castro (2010), Bakhtin (2013), among others.



RIBEIRO, L. P. Na teia da terra e dos causos: tessituras do cotidiano de Geraldinho Nogueira. 2023. 370 f. Tese (Doutorado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2023.