Multimodalidade no livro didático sob as perspectivas da análise do discurso e da retórica contemporânea

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The goal of this dissertation is to analyze the multimodality as a Contemporary rhetorical exigence for been a facilitator of the teaching/learning process and a persuasive element that encourages the engagement of the Addressed Audience (AA) in the process. The principles of the French Discourse Analysis, as interlocution and the subject conditions, and the ones form the Contemporary Rhetoric (MILLER;1994, 2012) are appropriated to a better understanding of the multimodality as a persuasive element and an important element for the construction of the Rhetor`s ethos in a genre that circulates in the school environment as social action. The research methodology pursuits the description and interpretation of the multimodality in a Textbook (TB) of the collection Português: Contexto, interlocução e sentido (M. L. M. ABAURRE, M. B. M. ABAURRE, M. PONTANARA, 2008), volume 2. It`s been verified that, inserted in a society with plentiful extremely complex audial visual resources, the TB is regulated by official statements about the process of production and acquisition by Brazilian public school. The analysis of the official documents about the TB evidences the importance attributed to the presence of multimodality and the preconization of a Multimodal Literacy. The rhetorical analysis verifies the paths run by the TB to persuade the AA. The Rhetor shows good will in helping and facilitating the teaching/learning process with wisdom and good moral character while selecting and organizing the contents and the texts to be used and also applying multimodality in its constitution. Despite the constant presence of the multimodality and the preconization of a multimodal literacy by the official documents, it does not happen explicitly. It only happens for exposition. A new look to the TB is necessary looking for a discursive and rhetoric approach of the multimodality, so that students take advantage of this resource to their learning and also learn to use it in their own textual productions.



ALVES, A. R. B. Multimodalidade no livro didático sob as perspectivas da análise do discurso e da retórica contemporânea. 2016. 197 f. Tese (Doutorado em Letras e Linguística) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2016.