Dora Ferreira da Silva: poesia, pensamento e verdade

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The rapprochement between literature and philosophy took over, throughout history, in various ways and was treated by different thinkers and poets who, in the course of their production, worked on such a joint. Among these poets, Dora Ferreira da Silva (1919-2006) presented a poetry that allows the development of a reflection about poetry and the world, making it possible to reflect on the matter that the existence of the being is also linked to their language ability. Through a thematic discussion, this study aimed to demonstrate that the poet Dora Ferreira da Silva articulates poetry and thinking and approximates both modes of language in order to reach the truth. For this, the first part of the discussion made considerations about the relation between poetry and thinking, commenting on the development of ideas around this question. In order to better understand the peculiarities of poetry and its relationship with the construction of thinking, it was discussed the amorphic nature of the lyric as a result of subjectivity and its relation with thinking. In addition, the study aimed to bring to discussion truth and subjectivity, calling the poetic path course of Dora Ferreira da Silva and the articulation of her thinking in her poetic productions. Furthermore, it was taken into consideration the assumptions of the philosopher Martin Heidegger, in particular his contributions about the concept of truth, in order to point to the ongoing crisis between literature and philosophy and Heidegger's criticism about the metaphysics and the traditional philosophy. This work also commented on the concept of truth in the Western philosophical view and introduced the notion of Martin Heidegger on truth, taking as reference his work Being and Time (1995) - a study that supports the concept of Heidegger's true. Based on Heidegger's postulate in his work The origin of the work of art (2002) - reflection that presents the art as an event of truth – this study also discussed how the art has a ontological position by just consist of the happening of truth. Still guided by Heidegger, analytical observations were sustained about Dora Ferreira da Silva's work, demonstrating how the poet thinks the world and thus reaches the truth. Among the many poems of the author, it was considered, that is, criticized those considered emblematic and therefore able to identify Dora Ferreira da Silva and her poetic composition. Finally, the work dealt with the dialogue between poetry and thinking, pointing to what is the truth in Dora Ferreira da Silva's poetry. Here, art and thinking were related to existential and religious concerns of the poet studied.



ESTEVÃO, T. M. L. S. Dora Ferreira da Silva: poesia, pensamento e verdade. 2015. 86 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Letras e Linguística) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2015.