“O burocrata de médio escalão na implementação da política nacional de museus”

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The creation of the national museum policy (PNM) was a milestone for the museum field and its construction involved the articulation of several actors. lt is a continuous policy and a large part of the implementation process takes place within museums, thus, understanding how the middle-level bureaucracy (BME) acts within this environment can be an important contribution to public policy implementation studies. ln this context, this study sought to analyze the performance of BME, under the relational approach, in the implementation of the national museum policy. The lens of the relational perspective of studies on BME seeks to understand the role of the bureaucrat through the interactions that are established with the internai and externai actors of public policy. A qualitative, exploratory research was carried out, using the multiple case study strategy, involving the collection of secondary data (documentary research) and primary data (semi-structured interviews). The documentary research sought to describe the context of BMEs' performance in the PNM and the interviews sought to identify and understand how the relational aspects influence the process of implementing the PNM. Six BMEs occupying management positions in museums linked to the Brazilian lnstitute of Museums (IBRAM), the autarchy responsible for implementing the PNM, were selected. Regarding the implementation of the PNM, the results show that BMEs perform multiple functions and that there is a lack of resources (financial and personnel); ln general, BMEs establish a higher frequency of interactions with subordinates and with actors outside the PNM, in comparison with senior managers and peers. The interactions have their own logic, but they all influence the implementation process in some way, evidencing the role of regulator of BME relations. The management instruments demonstrated the capacity to shape and define all the interactions that are carried out, influencing the bureaucrats' discretion. Finally, in the scenario of lack of resources, it became evident that externai actors can contribute to the sustainable development of museums.



OLIVEIRA, R. M. M. “O burocrata de médio escalão na implementação da política nacional de museus”. 2020. 78 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Administração) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2020.