A gestão estratégica de informações em mídias sociais virtuais como vantagem competitiva para microempresas

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


This research has focused on the role and profile of social media towards the approach of strategic management of information within the scope of the incubation program of UFG for the decision making process. From this paper it was possible to recognize the media inter-relationships in the context of information management by analyzing the steps of identifying, prospecting, selection, value addition, storage, dissemination and feedback system. This study aimed to verify whether microenterprises carry out the strategic management of information available on virtual social media to get competitive advantage. The theoretical basis was provided by large areas of management and social communication embracing respectively the entrepreneurs, marketing, strategic information management and virtual social medias. Another related field of knowledge, Information Science, also brought contributions to the study. This was an exploratory research, since there is no indication in Brazilian literature from the perspective of the research undertaken. From a quantitative analysis, a structured survey was developed with open and closed questions which were then examined according to the literature review carried out. The constituents of this study consists of eighteen (18) microenterprises which are participants in PROINE (Programa de Incubação da Universidade Federal de Goiás – a business incubation program), and fifteen ( 15 ) respondents showed outstanding results indicating that 44 % of respondents use social media as a virtual source of information, also 73 % use the information from these media for professional purposes and 100 % of them consider important the use of virtual social media to assist them in making decisions regarding the management of their companies. However 38 % use it sporadically and 31 % claim that in general, the information helps. In addition, It was observed that there is no specific use of any strategic information management softwares. It was identified that respondents do not have a systematic or selection tool to track and store this information, leaving it only for personal knowledge. This research also suggested the importance given by microenterprises that have insightful administrators who are willing to carry out an administrative and strategic communication management and use the information derived from virtual social media in order to have some form of competitive advantage. It was found, however, strong systems-theoretic entanglement of the treated areas in order to provide scientific, technological and innovative in dealing with the information to generate competitive advances. Therefore, It has been established a solid systems-theoretic entanglement of the treated areas with the aim to provide scientific, technological and innovative advances in the treatment of information to generate competitiveness.



ALVES, Antônio Cândido Barbosa. A gestão estratégica de informações em mídias sociais virtuais como vantagem competitiva para microempresas. 2014. 149 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Comunicação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2014.