Parque Estadual de Paraúna em Goiás/Brasil: valoração dos geossítios e potencial para a geoeducação

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The Paraúna State Park (PEPa), located in the municipality of Paraúna, state of Goiás, was created by Decree-Law number 5,568, of march 18, 2002. The Serra das Galés and Serra da Portaria are located, at altitudes that vary from 690 to 890 meters. The present thesis aims to analyze the PEPa geosites, in the municipality of Paraúna, in Goiás, in order to understand the Geodiversity of the area and carry out investigations within the scope of Geoeducation. To carry out the research, the following were quantified through the CPRM Geossit Digital Platform: (1) the scientific value; (2) risk of degradation; (3) potential educational and tourist use of geosites. In the Serra da Portaria geosite, rocks of the Aquidauana Formation (Permian-Carboniferous) outcrop, as well as patches of the Adamantina Formation (Upper Cretaceous) in the upper part of the relief. The structure of the saw is considered a tabular relief. In the Serra das Galés geosite, it also occurs in rocks of the Aquidauana Formation, and this one stands out for the geoforms of objects and animals. These geoforms are made up of sandstones and carved by progressive erosion along their length to the point where a block is isolated from the surrounding massif. From the scientific value, it was characterized that these geosites can be considered of national relevance. The potential educational use contributed to the understanding that geosites have an important role in the process of formation and construction of knowledge. Thus, for future generations to have access to this knowledge, it is necessary to make the population aware of the importance of Geodiversity. In this sense, the region has potential for the development of Geoeducation activities in formal education, and this is the link between Geoconservation and Education. Geoeducation can be emphasized in the school curriculum, through content of physical-natural themes, exposed in the National Common Curricular Base. Thus, Geoeducation is a tool that will contribute to the Geoconservation of the geosites of the Paraúna State Park.



FERREIRA, B. M. Parque Estadual de Paraúna em Goiás/Brasil: valoração dos geossítios e potencial para a geoeducação. 2022. 73 f. Tese (Doutorado em Geografia) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2022.