Etnomatemática, educação matemática crítica e pedagogia dialógico-libertadora: contextos e caminhos pautados na realidade sociocultural dos alunos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The presented research is in line of search Teaching and Learning of Science and Mathematics of Postgraduate Program on Education in Science and Mathematics of Pro- Rectory for Research and Postgraduate Studies (PRPPG) of Federal University of Goiás. The developed study aimed investigate and reflect about the possibilities of articulation in between the mathematic knowledge and social, political, cultural and economic realities, through contextualized activities with aim in to valorize the students life contexts (background) and give voice to your yearnings, hopes and dreams (foreground). The central problem in the research is constituted as follows: can that articulation contribute to a learning with social meanings and culturally contextualized from mathematics, as to a critical reading and aware of the reality surrounding which encourage the student autonomy? Linked to this question, lies the research goal: investigate if the act of seeking meanings to a effective learning of mathematics through contextualized activities in the students sociocultural reality, plus your interests, contributes to that their knowledge be directed to a critical conscience and to a autonomous exercise of citizenship. This study is constituted by a qualitative approach of research, in the context of Ethnomatematics, Critical Mathematics Education and Dialogical Pedagogy-Liberating. The research has been made on public schools of Goiânia city (Goiás state) with a students class which moved from first to second year of high school during the conduct of research, being structured in two phases: Diagnosis (observation in the classroom, sociocultural questionnaire and diagnostic activity) and Pedagogical Intervention (thematic classes and the project The Mathematics and The Professions). The hope is that it comes against to the potential, the development, the curiosity and the creativity of people seeking a less compartmentalized world in areas of knowledge and life practices, looking for a world that can be understood in its diversity through education, valuing experiences, everyday experiences and dreams, recognizing the subject in your space, in your roots, your culture, your knowledges, your desires, to give "voice" and rescue on the students their right to citizenship, in order to have a society with more opportunities and fewer inequalities.



REIS, Jaqueline Ferreira dos. Ethnomatematics, mathematics education and critical pedagogy dialogical-liberation: backgrounds and paths guided by the sociocultural reality of the students. 2010. 147 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Ciências Exatas e da Terra) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2010.