Gestão por competências em universidades públicas federais: análise de modelos, aspectos que influenciam sua adoção e respectivos impactos

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


The concept of competence takes different meanings in organizations and some features are essential to organizational performance. Therefore, it becomes important the competence management aimed at people management in order to maintain and develop skills required for the organization performance. In the Brazilian public sector, competence management was established through the Decree nº. 5,707/2006 which sets the National Policy for Staff Development (PNDP), encouraging permanent learning and development of institutional skills from individual skills. Despite the fact that competence management is not exactly old, it is already widespread in different institutions. In this way, public institutions end up sharing and using management methods applied in other institutions, showing very similar characteristics and management models, which is a feature of isomorphism. In consequence, considering the implementation of competence management requirement in federal public institutions in Brazil, this study aims to identify and describe the aspects that influence policies of competence management in federal universities and what the development and implementation of these policies generate in terms of learning. Based on the literature, initially the concepts of competence in organizations, learning in organizations and institutionalization of practices were defined. Then the methodology was set, so that this research is characterized as interpretative, descriptive and case studies. Seven Brazilian Federal universities were analyzed among a universe of 14 universities that have already started the implementation of competence management. With a semi-structured guide, interviews were conducted with managers involved in the process of development, implementation, monitoring and impact of management skills. Data were analyzed based on the goals set before. It was identified that among of the seven universities analyzed, none of them has the competence management model consolidated, whereas some universities are in development step and other in an advanced processes. The main areas that are affected by competence management in universities are training and performance evaluation. Besides relating the fields of study of competences, learning and institutionalization, this research contributes to organizations to understand better the demands of the Decree 5.707/2006 as well as to serve as a tools source for better management of servers.



PAPALARDO, I. M. Gestão por competências em universidades públicas federais: análise de modelos, aspectos que influenciam sua adoção e respectivos impactos. 2016. 133 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Administração) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2016.