Dança que (re)conta a si mesma: anacronismos de uma história da Quasar Cia de Dança

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Started in 1988, Quasar Cia de Dança was founded in the city of Goiânia and was structured under modern premises. The search for the “new” proves to be a constant in the company, maintaining work after work. If initially the group insisted on emphasizing its desire to be professional, independent and to break with the local dance tradition, the aspect of novelty prominent in Quasar’s choreographic works runs through the company’s history, manifesting itself even in the most recent artistic choices of its resident choreographer, Henrique Rodovalho. However, Harold Rosenberg (1974) reminds us that it is precisely in moments of revolution manifested in the search for the new that an endless series of returns begins: the gesture, understood as a timeless survivor, is reborn, disguised as novelty. In this sense, the present research is dedicated to the analysis of the novelty aspect in the choreographic repertoire of Quasar Cia de Dança, questioning whether it is possible to identify scenes, gestures and choreographic phrases that are repeated in different works and moments of the company, capable of structuring “new” works from the citation of previous works. The analysis is based on the Warburgian method, which is crossed by the “evidential paradigm” of Carlo Ginzburg (1989, 2010) and the “transhistorical gestural dialogic” method proposed by Isabelle Launay (2019). Print screens were produced from filmic records of Quasar's work, composing 33 image panels that approximate the concept of Atlas Mnemosyne proposed by Aby Warburg. The objective is to highlight the presence of self-quotes as a characteristic that endures in the artistic trajectory of the Company, exposing an anachronistic story, capable of (re)telling itself through a process of incorporation of files and/or memories of dancing bodies. It was observed that self- quotes in Quasar are manifested both in the reuse of choreographic excerpts in their entirety (re-enactments and reconstructions), as in surviving gestures and in the adoption of recurrent scenic solutions. In addition to focusing on the Cia.'s own choreographic repertoire, the specificity of the citational process at Quasar is revealed in the intricate relationship established between the self-quotes and the group's choreographer's need to use dance, while artistic expression, to communicate.



CARARETO, T. Dança que (re)conta a si mesma: anacronismos de uma história da Quasar Cia de Dança. 2022. 212 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Artes da Cena) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2022.