A literatura infantil e a prática formativa na pré- escola: dialogando com questões étnico-raciais e a educação da criança indígena

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Dissertative This work is part of "Public Policy and Education for Children in Goiás: history, concepts, projects and practices" project, developed at the Center for Studies and Research of Children and their Education in Different Contexts - NEPIEC the FE / UFG. The aim of this study was analyze teaching practices in Preschool considering the Children's Literature as training possibility and knowledge about indigenous peoples to which children have access. The theoretical framework of the research is the historical-dialectical perspective, considering the need to identify the determinations of the object under study and understand it from the context and critical analysis of the problem, since the search interconnects with various issues of historical, political, economic, social and cultural. Furthermore, with reference to the path taken by researcher fellow in the production of scientific knowledge and reflections arising from the confrontation of theory with practice. This work is structured in three chapters, the first chapter: The Ethnic-racial Education intends to highlight the issue of ethnic-racial education, highlighting theoretical productions and some documents that are part of these discussions, such as the Federal Constitution of 1988, LDB 9394/96, Law 10,639 / 03, the National Curriculum Guidelines of Indigenous Education. Chapter two: Childhood Education, Literature and Human Formation: conceptual reflections aims to provide readings as the historical dialectic perspective on early childhood education and about the literary art and its training possibilities. In chapter three: The Children's Literature and Formative Practice on Altamira's Preschools: reflections on indigenous culture, presents the identification of the context of conducting the research and approaches of teaching practices considering the purposes of work with children through of Children's Literature. The results showed that: the readings are performed predominantly in classrooms with children; There are few books of children's literature considering the amount of children in the county, the amount is unsatisfactory; children's literature is used by teachers in order to treat and to facilitate learning content and that there is need for material in pre-schools to promote education that recognizes and values the Indian culture.



SOUSA, C. S. A literatura infantil e a prática formativa na pré- escola: dialogando com questões étnico-raciais e a educação da criança indígena. 2014. 137 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em Educação) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2014.