Redes de mulheres e o ativismo feminista no Facebook: uma análise histórica das fanpages “Não me kahlo” e “Vamos juntas?”

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Universidade Federal de Goiás


Bearing in mind the transformations that Internet networks had directed the communicative interactions into society, this research focuses on the perceptions between virtual spaces and the fan pages feminists on Facebook. In this regard, it has established a selected period that starts in 2016 up to 2018 using content from two feminist fan pages, Não me Kahlo (2014) e Vamos Juntas? (2015), in order to understand how these virtual spaces have been essential to give voice and popularize a new moment in the Feminist Movement that born through network connections. Faced with this phenomenon, it was used the methodological theories about Speech Analysis in the view of Orlandi (2003) and Foucault (1988; 2014) as reflexive support to comprehend through the content shared in those pages the influence over time in the positions of power to built femininity and masculinity roles. For this purpose, this research went to tackle the root of the issue: which are the aims from those women and fan pages in democratizing access to the feminist agenda through the new dynamics provided by networks. Those fan pages exemplify with real stories the importance of the feminism in the daily basis that leads thinking how virtual spaces are taking the Feminist Wave into a new phase, based on the hypothesis that Facebook is a tool for emancipation and expansion of women's voice in recent years. All these methodological theories, object and sources of research were relevant to delineate the core of this dissertation work, which is in the mapping of the present to new feminist practices and actions, with constant revisits in the past for a cross-sectional look at relationships of time and space which it has occupied to women.



SANTOS, Maria Elisa de Magalhães. Redes de mulheres e o ativismo feminista no Facebook: uma análise histórica das fanpages “Não me kahlo” e “Vamos juntas?”. 2019. 129 f. Dissertação (Mestrado em História) - Universidade Federal de Goiás, Goiânia, 2019.